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Katakombi KatakombiIf I had to use a phrase to aptly sum up Katakombi’s self-titled mini LP, it would have to be small but mighty because although it consists of just three tracks, it’s a substantial and engaging listen, serving well as a good insight into exactly what this band is about.

Beginning atmospherically and sparsely, Katakombi really take their time with setting the scene with opener Väärä kuu. Admittedly it does seem to drag and feel a little repetitive a few minutes in, but things get interesting again with the introduction of instruments drip-fed bit by bit into the track until the stunning vocal line begins. Half-spoken, half-growled to begin with, it’s an incredibly striking delivery and shows off the versatility of the vocals – especially when the vocals shift to a more harsh delivery by the time the track comes to an end.

Liejuhaudan vanki begins by taking a more energetic route than the prior track, with Katakombi hitting the ground running with to-the-point instrumentation and harsh vocals that kick in almost immediately. A particular highlight is the use of the screeching guitar, which really sets the track apart from the crowd and makes things a little different to the norm.

Things end on a high with Sokea jumala, which seems to pick up exactly where Liejuhaudan vanki left off, almost feeling like the two tracks are part of one bigger entity. With clashing instruments that seem so utterly relentless, it really helps the mini LP to go out with a bang and will easily leave you wanting more by the time the closing chords ring out.

If you’re into your death and doom, you’ll love this. A highly recommended listen.


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