Kamikaze Girls – Seafoam Review

Seafoam-Cover-1500pxKamikaze Girls return with more bite than their debut EP SAD suggested was in them.  While last years SAD was more of a sympathy story Seafoam fully adopts a rebellious attitude with ripped clothes and smeared make-up where the dirty aesthetic thoroughly embodies the harsh tones and raw aggression that was missing from their previous release.

These gritty songs maintain the compassionate melodies from SAD but are expressed with an amazing vitriol that hits you like a storm. Soaking you with punk sensibilities while shifting your balance with strong blasts of emotion. Creating waves of exciting riffs that swirl and dance like pool sharks in a tornado of balls.

The Leeds duo have really set themselves up to be heard over the crowd. Commanding grace and power with their tactile arrangements that both pound you into submission and offer respite with  soulful cadence.  Seafoam isn’t larger than life, it’s an honest rendition of and ongoing experience and the realism within the lyrics is humbling.

Seafoam is a stronger representation of what Kamikaze Girls are capable of. An evolution in soul instead of a reinvention of sound the album is the Riot Grrl soundtrack to a time we will most likely forget but remains a souvenir that will be remembered fondly.


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