Junksista – American Love Story OST Review

junksistaSaucy does and raunchy goes on the new Junksista MCD American Love Story OST. The adaptation of sounds composed for the short horror film American Love Story and the soundtrack to the ideas involved with the film. The album also features remixes by Alfa Matrix label mates Simon Carter, Kant Kino, Diffuzion, Avarice In Audio, Acylum and a puritanical goth remix of the single Trust No Bitch by Flesh Eating Foundation.

Exposed in blackened depths and calling upon primal anxieties to shake the ground before you, synths are making grand steam pipes blare smut into a frenzied expanse. Offset these tremors within the dark place by the devilishly seductive mantra that there “ain’t no bitch you can fix,” and acquit yourself of morality. Rising up on a whim to dive harder, the dank and lonely sounds only offer your conscience to relate to: Trust No Bitch.

Disassociated, sleazy and calculated, Rage follows. Complimenting the horrors established on Trust No Bitch and seething in diametrically splintered contempt. Love. Is. Unfair. Comparing the sentiments of Rage to the rockingly cute Ego won’t Netflix and chill. However chilling is certainly on the agenda. Ego is a change in feeling, moving the colourless black and incendiary red of Trust No Bitch and Rage into bluer territory. Casually walking the dog on a chunky and funky bass line.

After the reprieve of Ego the breathy Gift addresses the red setup with black intentions condensing Rage and Trust No Bitch into a painstaking return. Gift is the little death contemplated on Ain’t Good For Me. An introspective shifting the tone even further, and into a dreamy theater of rounded leads swimming in a pool of feathery pads. Continuing that timbre Constant Vibration juxtaposes the reverie with beautiful woe before accumulating into the surprisingly upbeat and innocent The Proposal. Telling an almost happy ending fraught with pretty guitar parts being played by heaven and smooth bass lines being scolded in court.

The remixes take the darkened sentiments of Trust No Bitch and remold them for the dance floor. The Simon Carter remix adds some paranormal tastes to the dish best left bold giving some X-Files vibes to the track. Kant Kino redress Rage in a more traditional EBM (Electronic Body Music) fashion. Applying a ripping mix designed for workouts. Diffuzions’ approach to Trust No Bitch takes a more industrial path winding up someplace Skinny Puppy might of once called surgery. The saccharine remix by Avarice In Audio moves sedately into late night while Flesh Eating Foundation party harder into early morning. Acylum leave the mini-album with a medley of motives applying a delightfully sadistic darker shade of black to an already foreboding song.


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