Junksista – Sinner’s Delight EP Review

junksista-sinners-delight-epA quick google search for Junksista returns some interesting results. One of them proposes that it’s a Unisex name perfect for your newborns, and while I love the band I’m not at the stage of naming a bastard after them, yet, but Sinner’s Delight may change my repressive attitude however. Depending on the humidity outside.

The latest release from Southern Germanys’ brightest sexport is shameless electro with provocative rhythms that move with a deep and sensual sway. Teased out over six tracks the duo play harder on this release than on their previous escapades and to great effect. The erotic persuasion of Sinner’s Delight is enough to excite a post-orgasm chill.

Dancier, definitely darker and set to stun Sinner’s Delight has all the qualities of a floor killer. Its assertive bass lines are mixed in with the sultry and saccharine vocals of Diana Noir who could lure sailors to an untimely death with her vocal range. Augmenting the sexy hooks with a commanding tone that slips into darkest dreams like honey dripping off your fingers and where the dominant beats compliment the lyrics with dendrite elegance.

Sinner’s Delight is diverse in its sound and feeling, resonating with broken heart cliches like they’re a familiar comfort zone. Described in depth throughout the EP the dissonant realism is grotesque but strangely exciting and adds up to intelligent sonal intercourse.

There’s a lot to love about Sinner’s Delight especially the palindromic track title 8008 (which I think would work better as track 5 because reasons.)¬†From its dancability to after care mellowing Sinner’s Delight is a wonderful trip in defiance of mainstream morality where the pounding bass lines branch upwards into beautiful lofts that will take you to new musical highs.


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