Junksista – I Will Crush You & Go To Hell OST

Junksista-I-Will-Crush-OSTThe ever sexy Junksista are a busy bunch having released two discs this year already and set to release another EP soon I Will Crush you & Go To Hell is another soundtrack that stands well just as good on its own. Made for the newest film by Fabio Soares and Célia Paysan I Will Crush You & Go To Hell is the ideal territory for Junksista to express their creativity.

Two tracks might seem quite slim for an EP but Junksista more than make up for it by remixing these tracks not once but twice and with titles like Brainbug Suicide and Rumba Of Death they are descriptively apt.

Let Go and Piece Of Me, unadulterated, are poignant tales told with the sultry decadence that Diana and Boog mix so, so well. Even without the scenes from the film to accompany them these compositions paint a coherent picture that’s dark yet empowering. Two well managed traits that epitomize what Junksista have consistently brought out in their music. Tactful and detailed these tracks are a soft introduction to reverie.

The remixes don’t lose any of the dreamlike qualities of the originals but they do project a different tone. Fancier and more alien than their unblemished counterparts, the emphasis on rhythm and bass make for sexier and more sensual tunes to groove the blues away, and where the sensitive nature presented on the tracks are given an exuberant make-over to raze the floor. As often is the case it’s not what you say but how you say it and Junksista know how to say it right.

Although only two tracks the intention of the remixes twisted and manipulated by the band themselves gives this the feeling of something more. In a sense of making the most of what you’ve got Junksista out perform themselves and turn two tracks into so much more. It might seem a bit thin for a soundtrack but if this was on cassette it’d definitely be a double A side.


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