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John Mayer – Born and Raised Review


This is the 5th studio album by the critically acclaimed Songwriter and Guitarist from America.

Just as on his previous albums there is a fairly laid back, easy Blues/Pop feel that you can ease back into a chair with, drinking a beer (or coffee) and drifting off into your own world.

This time its not all perfect, but it’s still a very accomplished piece of work. Beautifully constructed, mature and well thought out music that ticks an “Easy Listening” box very well.

My only real disappointment is that I was hoping that he would try to innovate a bit more, rather than sticking to the same tried and tested format as all his previous work adheres to. And honestly only a few tracks really stood out for me. “Something Like Olivia” and “The Age Of Worry” are my personal favourites.

It’s not a bad album at all and it’s definitely worth a listen, just not really anything new.

Fingers crossed for the next one.


Words By Ross Gurney

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