Singled Out: John Haesemeyer – Colors In Between Review

John Haesemeyer is an artist from San Francisco who initiated his career in 2012 and yet it sounds like he hasn’t ever been doing anything else. His debut record Come Along Quickly was released in January 2013 and Colors In Between is the first single he released from this album. 
Dealing with the connection he had to his mother during his childhood. Haesemeyer convinces the listener simply with very thoughtful lyrics, a handful of instruments such as the piano and an acoustic guitar, and his very pleasant voice.

He manages to fascinate you in a little less than five minutes, especially when the strings join in and the song unfolds its full potential. The cherry on top of this song is definitely the video for it. The story jumps back on forth from John’s childhood to the present and to complete the circle, John digs out the two dices his mother gave him to play when he was a child. 
This is a song that touches your heart and more people should know and appreciate John Haesemeyer because his work is a gift to the music world.


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