Joel Ansett – The Nature Of Us Review

Joel Ansett the nature of usFrom Denver, CO comes the masterfully created and deeply personal album from Joel Ansett titled The Nature Of Us. Every song on this is very aware of itself and understands the importance of a focused and well mixed journey.

Opening with the worldly sounding Kingdom Come, it is clear that this album will be a journey unique to what you might have been listening to. Starting with some smooth vocals that lead into an almost Jason Mraz style beat, the song is more than ready to be sent out as a single. Well produced and layered with many interesting instruments, Kingdome Come is a great way to introduce new fans to Joel Ansett’s interesting musical style.

Turn To Gold is the current single and doesn’t disappoint. A bit slower than Kingdom Come, it is more what you might hear in a coffee shop, but as a fan of this sort of honest song writing, I think it was a great choice for a single. The harmonies on the track are beautiful, the limited use of the synth and distant mixing makes this song haunting, and there is no doubt that this will gain Joel Ansett many fans in the years to come.

Moving on throughout the album we are shown the true staying power of Joel Ansett’s talents. Every song is its own unique creation, its own story, and its own personal journey. There are a lot of potential hits within The Nature Of Us, and it is hard to choose a definite favorite. Tracks like My Heart Is Set and Covered Up are just a pleasure to listen to, but you will have to keep an open heart to get the messages found within.

The Nature Of Us is a solid album that doesn’t need anything more added to be considered a great album. It is sincere, sometimes a bit too emotional, but that is going to be what makes the album so enjoyable for most people. I would have liked to have seen a few more tracks take off in a heavier direction, but all in all this should be an album you check out as soon as you can.


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