Jaya The Cat – A Good Day For The Damned Review

Since seeing The JB Conspiracy live a few weeks ago, I’ve had this ska/reggae punk itch that’s been needing to be scratched. Enter: Jaya The Cat, with their fifth album A Good Day For The Damned. With a music genre described as ‘drunk reggae punk’, the description actually sums up the music perfectly.

Although the album weighs in with fifteen tracks, which feels a little on the excessive side, as a whole A Good Day For The Damned is a decent enough listen and there’s a good mixture of styles and approaches to be found on the piece. From fast-paced funky tracks to slow burners and big epics, Jaya The Cat have blended everything together very well and it’s a refreshing and varied album as a result.

A personal favourite of the album is Mad At You. The chorus is so catchy (it will get stuck in your head) and it’s an energetic track which sounds absolutely massive, bringing together powerful vocals and punchy instrumentation to create something that will stick in your brain long after the song has come to a close.

As a whole, A Good Day For The Damned is an album that is definitely worth your time to check out. It’s a fresh and engaging listen, and should appeal nicely to punk, reggae and ska fans alike.


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