Jay Ray – Self-Resonance Review

Colour me impressed – Self-Resonance, the debut album from Finnish solo artist/producer Jay Ray, is a seriously kickass listen. An amalgamation of electronic and orchestral rock and metal, there’s a lot going on in the music and it’s one of those albums you won’t want to miss.

I’m a person that’s very big on electronic/industrial metal, so Self-Resonance is right up my street. The balance between the electronic and the metal is great, with just the right amount of melody paired up with a healthy dosage of aggression (the harsh vocals are seriously powerful). Beyond The Past, one of the later tracks of the album, is a particularly good example of this – the chorus is infectiously catchy and is juxtaposed tremendously against the harsh vocals, and the coupling of both of those approaches with the electronic lines underneath gives the song an extra spark.

Indeed, the album is just a very mighty listen. Jay Ray presents one powerful track after another, and Self-Resonance flows so well from song to song. This is a confident release that will have you banging your head one minute, and singing along at the top of your lungs at the next – it’s clear that Jay Ray is a very talented songwriter that can write music to get under your skin and Self-Resonance is testament to this.

All in all, Self-Resonance is a seriously great piece of work. It’s a highly infectious listen, and Jay Ray has created something to be really proud of. (And as a bonus, it even features a Celldweller remix – how about that?)


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