Jarun – Pod niebem utkanym z popiołu Review

jarunPolish black metallers Jarun are back with their second album Pod niebem utkanym z popiołu, which is the follow-up to their 2012 offering Wziemiozstąpienie but unfortunately, it isn’t one of the most memorable of releases.

Whilst everything is arranged very nicely and the sound quality is good, the songs aren’t powerful enough to leave a lasting impression on you and although Pod niebem utkanym z popiołu won’t leave you recoiling in horror, it also doesn’t quite draw you in and hold your interest – it’s an album that doesn’t invoke a strong reaction in either direction.

It’s a shame because it does feel like Jarun can give more. The acoustic moments add a bit of variety to the music, especially in the introduction to the closing track Jak wiatr, and there is no denying that there’s a lot of passion behind Jarun’s delivery musically, but there’s just something about this album that leaves a little to be desired.


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