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jane in space albumFrom New York City comes the moody, early industrial, sound of Jane in Space. Releasing their new single titled Feel it Alive, which is taken from their self-titled album, listeners beware, you re going to need to embrace your vulnerable and dark side to get the full effect of this creative album.

Starting off the album with a very Interpol meets NIN sound, Say Something is a devious track that journeys from catchy to very catchy, and by the end of the song you have it turned up loud to make way for the cool synth line and singing. For an opening song it does well in setting the pace of the album, and gives you a clear idea of what Jane in Space is offering.

Later in the album is a track called Spiderwebs, and this song is nothing like the others in many ways. The song drops the bands typical style of singing for the use of an auto-tune effect, that effectively keeps the song out of tune, but in a creatively good way. It sounds a bit more Kayne West than Trent Reznor, and the first play through was quite lost on me; but, like every music listener should know, some tracks just need a second spin. The song is the odd man out, the ugly duckling on the album, and perhaps that is why I gave it a chance, and I am glad that I did, because it was better the second time through. Spiderwebs can be described best as the albums potential sleeper hit.

The current lead single Feel it Alive is the best choice for the bands introduction to their new fans, as the song embraces a bit of everything that Jane in Space is about. With musical moments drawn from early NIN, The Cure, Interpol, and Depeche Mode, Feel it Alive feels more like a show of inspirational respect for the bands obvious musical influences. The video is simple and minimalistic, moody and dark, and by the end you feel a bit emotionally drawn out; all things I am sure were intended by the artist.

If you are a daring listener that enjoys perfect rainy-day music, then this album is for you, but if you spin the likes of Justin Bieber or Nickleback on a regular basis, this album might just show you a dose of something a bit too far out in space for you.


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