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It’s been nearly 6 silent years since we heard any music from the members of Reuben. The band we’re highly underrated until the point it was too late and we lost a musical genius in the form of Jamie Lenman from the music industry that had become over saturated with bands making music that was “emotional” but seemed to somewhat lack any real emotion.

Well Reuben fans the wait is finally over. Jamie Lenman has made music again and it’s as emotional as Reuben was. It displays true musical talent and raw emotion. This double album is totally a mix. The first is hardcore and more noisy. The second half if much more blues and swing in nature. Definitely like two sides to a coin, flip it and see where you end up with this one on shuffle.

The music is skilfully written on both sides and the heavier stuff displays exactly what you can do with a guitar and the vocals are totally in tune, but this is the side of the coin that’s not too much for me. On shuffle, I’d definitely leave it on, but I wouldn’t go to this side of the album through choice.

The second half however is completely up my alley. Swing is a hard thing to write and get it right, but Jamie Lenman certainly executes this. The first single from this part of the album Pretty PleaseĀ is nothing short of a stunner and the lyrics, “so remember this isn’t a song, it’s a chat up line” completely display his cheeky nature. If it was a chat up line, I’d be off on a date instantly because this man can write a tune or two!

This album displays the electric nature and musical talent of Jamie Lenman and I don’t think the two different sounds are a test for future releases, I’m pretty sure this is it: take it or leave it.


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