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iVardensphere FableiVardensphere are a left field group based in Canada who mix rhythmic electronica with primitive angst and incent surrealism by blending them into a perfect drug. Driven by demons, powered by Loa; Fable is an evolution of their unique style established by their previous albums APOK and The Methuselah Tree.

Ever ambiguous, they have often promoted that a picture contains a thousand words, however they neglected to mention that if it was in script or song. Fable is illustrious, where every track is its own journey, with its own story to tell. It is a complex album and the production value is beyond staging a false performance. It is atonal artwork.

Fable is dancy enough to darken the floor with Electroheads and experimental enough to tune out into in a dark place. The emphasis there is on dark, and depth, the deep dark background is rich in designer noise, sounds and effects which are seamless in their complexity.

Expanding on their appropriation of mythos by utilizing a cultivated amalgam of powerful leads and tribal percussion Fable is like a dangerous substance. Featuring vocals from Mari Kattman, Nymm and Brittany Bindrim who lighten the heavy and heady attitude pervading throughout the main ceremony of Fables’ antipathies.

Fables is the syncretic missing link between Goa trance and Aggrotech which makes for some really psychotropic dark trance music. If APOK set the roots, The Methuselah Tree sprung the branches and now Fable leaving the canopy, iVardensphere – apart from the cheap appropriation of the Apple naming convention – are raising spirits with fresh sounds contrasted over a harsh aural edifice and a beautiful spectral hounfour.

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