iVardensphere – Hesitation Review

Hesitation is the new album from Canadas’ iVardensphere. Keeping the same focus of rhythm and rowdy bass lines the latest album doesn’t deviate from what has come to be expected from the industrial power house. Unlike their previous albums there’s no melodic break to be found from the rhythmic monotony and with that there’s nothing that really stands out about this release.

However that’s not to say that this is an uneventful album. Its qualities are more ambient in due process, with soundtrack type structures, and also more coherent. Coherent in this case meaning that the harsh and abrasive vocals are almost completely gone and what’s left has more of an EBM vibe than an Aggrotech sound. It’s an introverted sound scape for a focused mind.

Without any tracks that truly stand out Hesitation comes across as more filler than trigger, and more interlude than main attraction. These sentiments come from much of the aggression being muted in comparison to earlier albums and there’s a sense of sophistication with these tracks.

While the oomph is lacklustre on Hesitation what does stand out is the sound production. These sounds are bespoke to iVardensphere and carry much of the album. Although not obvious at first, with the beat being at the forefront, the accompaniment is refined in the sonic foundry of iVardensphere and deposited onto the tracks like carbon into iron.

With Hesitation iVardensphere may not be reinventing anything fast but they do provide a solid experience to decorate your time.


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