I The Mighty – Connector Review

I the Mighty ConnectorSometimes you just need an album to have a good sing-along to and a release that completely fits the bill for this is the latest release from I The Mighty, Connector. Twelve tracks of all killer and no filler, it’s one of those albums you’ll want to turn up to top volume and completely immerse yourself in.

Although the introduction doesn’t really add much to the album, due to it being fairly stripped-back and going at a slow pace, things get properly underway with striking opener Lady Of Death. Immediately opening with vocals, it grabs your interest right away and it only takes a few listens before you’ll find yourself tapping your foot to it and singing along to the insanely catchy chorus.

Of course, Connector isn’t just about big hooks and catchy sing-along lines because there’s also a nice bit of heaviness injected into the piece every once in a while, and it really helps to add variety into the album, giving it a nice bit of bite.

Connector is a truly great album and is one of those pieces that will stick in your mind for a long time after the closing chords ring out – this is a release you definitely don’t want to miss.


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