Soundscape Magazine Issue11

Our September issue features the mighty Exit International and their début album ‘Black Junk’ with a track by track special. We have live reviews of Lostprophets, Papa Roach, Wheatus and Sunday’s overwhelming Merthyr Rock!

Serious interviews with Lennox and Butch Walker, plus a not so serious, but rather funny encounter with Inconsiderate Parking. Our usual feature article slave Alex writes about Roger Miller, plus another Rock 101 set in the 80s. Plus CD and book reviews, and another track by track of Elissa Franceschi’s new album ‘Into The Light’.

Contributors A-Z:
Nadine Ballantyne, Alex Brady, Paul Esp,
Anneka Sillitoe, Adam Thomas, Ed Townend.

Fit for a typical screen monitor of 15.4”. Meaning, whilst you’re reading our lovely issue full screen,
there should be very few pages where you need to zoom in and mess around!

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  1. Re: Math the Band, MC Frontalot and Wheatus Review

    Not a bad review, a little unresearched perhaps. Namely, Nerdcore may have been created by ‘Front’ but it’s way bigger than that now and the author didn’t seem to know anything about it, or him for that matter considering his song “First World Problem” has been called “First Class Problem” in the article.

    Like I said, good article but research pays off 🙂

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