Soundscape Magazine Issue 10

Welcome to our summer issue! We’ve just turned two years old, although it doesn’t feel like its been that long at all.

Within this issue we bring you a fantastic feature article on Skindred, pages include an interview with bassist Dan talking about the new album and a Cardiff gig review. The usual article by Alex who talks about the future of music and format wars. A look back at the 70s, plus a range of reviews and interviews from bands to the people behind the industry pushing music forward.

Interviews: Skindred, Make Do And Mend, Pareto, Magden Audio, Cardiac Producers, Walnut Tree Records
Live Reviews: Brigade, We Are The Ocean, Tall Ships, 3OH!3, Charlie Simpson, Taking Back Sunday,
Brother, Versa Emerge, Fucked Up.
CD Reviews Nikki Sixx, Foo Fighters, Mind Museum, Gun Dogs, Dave McPherson, IAM:YOURHERO, Brigade,
Pareto, Samantha Darnell.


Contributors A-Z:
Nadine Ballantyne, Alex Brady, Ryan Crittenden,
Paul Esp, Joshua Hammond, Hanna-Jane Roue,
Anneka Sillitoe, Ed Townend.

Fit for a typical screen monitor of 15.4”. Meaning, whilst you’re reading our lovely issue full screen,
there should be very few pages where you need to zoom in and read articles!


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