Iskald – Nedom og Nord Review

Iskald Nedom og NordSometimes a release grabs you and sometimes it doesn’t, and sadly it’s quite a struggle to connect with Nedom og Nord. There’s nothing that really stands out and it does feel like six tracks of the same formula that’s been done countless times before.

It has to be said that the drumming on the album is phenomenal, with fantastically utilised kick drum along with a relentlessly hammering beat but unfortunately that alone is not enough to carry the album and it’s a shame because there’s real potential within the album. The sound quality is fantastic, for one, and it’s apparent that the musicians in the band are all very talented but the overly long songs don’t help their cause because the same ideas just get repeated over and over and the songs drag a little, which doesn’t make for the most interesting of listens.

Nedom og Nord does end on a high note, however, with the title track of the album. The addition of a small amount of melody gives it that extra sparkle and the driving beat alongside an awesome wall of guitars works really well. Although some of the previous tracks felt a little too lengthy, the long duration of this one works in its favour and it feels like many different ideas are explored over the ten and a half-minute duration rather than the same few riffs repeating on a loop, so it means the album ends on a high.

Admittedly not the most engaging of listens, but it does work well as background music if nothing else.


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