Ion Dissonance – Cast The First Stone Review

ion-dissonance-cast-the-first-stoneFuck. Yes. This album kicks some SERIOUS ass. If you like your music noisy, energetic and in your face, then you can do no wrong with Ion Dissonance’s brand new album Cast The First Stone.

Cast The First Stone is a full aural assault on your eardrums in the best possible way. The relentless energy displayed from start to finish is something to behold, with it practically bursting out of the speakers, and if this album is anything to go by, I can only imagine how kickass this band would be in a live environment! Ion Dissonance just doesn’t let up for one second and the album packs a real punch as a result.

Although at times it feels like the album could do with a little more variation between the songs, as most of the tracks seem to have similar formats and structure, that doesn’t mean the music won’t leave an impression on you. Highlights include the powerful penultimate track Virtue, which is a track that is simply made to be listened to at top-volume, and earlier song To Expiate is an intriguing listen that adds a tiny amount of melody to the sparser guitar sections, and it makes it really striking as a result.

Ion Dissonance have created something wonderful with Cast The First Stone. This is an impressively intense album, and if your neck doesn’t hurt from headbanging along once you’re done listening to it, you’re probably just not listening to it loud enough.


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