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violet cold

What makes black metal such an enduring genre is rooted in its capacity to adapt and adopt new elements into its primeval sound, where it’s limitless in its verbose application it has transcended to become more than music, it’s a conduit for ideas and a challenging emotion. Welcome Violet Cold.

Violet Cold is the name of sole creator and artist Emin Guliyevs’ experimental music project that manifested out of the darkness in the dawn of 2013.  Hailing from Baku, Azerbaijan it’s apparent from his discography that he is an uncompromising and eclectic talent. Self-taught he extends intellectual control over his musical creations by writing and performing all parts, mastering the production and creating the artwork involved in presenting them through social media.

Describing the sound of Violet Cold holistically is not only hard but irreverent.  Comparing it to and appropriating genre labels would read like a checklist without really giving you any indication of what it feels like to experience even a small taste of the music but let’s go with– it’s the best ice cream you’ve ever eaten.

Clipboards (or spoons) at the ready because we have got an influences roll call coming up: and so in the genre maker we have ambient, black metal, jazzcore, neo-classical, new romantic, new wave, post rock, shoegaze, sludge, trip-hop and witch-house. Add some mermaid tears and Unicorn poop (that shit tastes like inverted rainbows) and you have; well it’s best to enlist Occam’s Razor to really deduce the diverse range of influences into a term that we can use for reference.

Whatever you hybridize the sound as it’s just as easy to identify it as Violet Cold, and although it has elements of the aforementioned styles the unique amalgam of influeces creates a dynamic and compelling sound that’s diverse and profound, and goes beyond definitive techniques.

The range of styles that are utilized in Violet Colds’ discography is surprising and adroit yet each track is deliberately true to form.  With a recurring theme of darkness, and at times forboding doom the hue remains uplifting and liberating.  Riffing on concepts like extra-terrestrial exploration, spiritual invasion, natures bounty, love and loss, Violet Cold is an incredibly articulate musician and artist who can guide you through some exceptional tunes.

You can find the sounds of Violet Cold on Bandcamp and Spotify, and if you love dark music with a twist you will not be disappointed. Check it out!

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