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Tusk 2014

We’re running our Unsung Heroes of 2014 competition and Tusk have been entered for this. Head to to view their entry and like the video to vote for the band. Here’s some info about the band below.


Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your band?

Hello. I’m Chris, we’re Tusk, and we consist of; Chris Noir (21, guitar and vocals), Jonathan Williams (21, drums) and Ryan Lloyd (24, bass and vocals). We’re a Swansea alt rock band, dedicated to bringing our brand of loud, fuzzy, indie to the world, one dingy bar at a time.

When did the band form?

We’re not very good at anniversaries, so we don’t actually know when the band started exactly. We’ve been playing gigs in our current incarnation for not much over a year and a half now.

How did the band form?

Jon and I have been involved in a number of small musical projects ever since leaving school, but we figured it was about time we formed a serious band. Fate brought us in contact with Ryan, and through our collective musical interests and playing styles, Tusk was born. We suddenly went through a metamorphosis from a bunch of guys with musical instruments to a cohesive unit.

Who are your biggest influences?

Our main influence for Tusk definitely comes from the late 80s/ early 90s American indie/ alternative rock scene. The fuzz pedals, dynamics and whole aesthetic of that scene just really appeals to us, and we try our best to embody it in our own way. Michael Azerrad’s ‘Our Band Could be Your Life’ is kind of like our bible. I’d say the bands that influence us the most would be Dinosaur Jr, The Pixies, Sonic Youth and The Cure. We’ve been dubbed the spiritual children of J Mascis and Stephen Malkmus (by ourselves). We’ve also been referred to as ‘the grunge version of the Everly Brothers’, but that was just because we lost one of our microphone stands.

What’s the biggest show you’ve ever played?

Our biggest show to date would have to be when we played at the famous Hope and Anchor in Islington at the end of last year. To play on the same stage that has hosted The Cure and Joy Division in the past was a big deal for us. It’s also the only gig we’ve done outside of Wales so far! We were lucky enough to get a recording of the gig, which is on our Bandcamp page for download. Another show in contention for our biggest show would be when we supported the infamous Chapman Family in Aberdare last year. Seen as they’re one of our favorite bands, it’s not a night we’ll forget soon, unforeseen head injuries allowing.

How would you describe your live show to someone who hasn’t seen you yet?

In one word; loud. Very loud. My personal philosophy is that everything sounds better at high volumes. You can also expect lots of effects pedals, feedback, flying guitars, and discussion about glass eyes between songs.

Tusk: Facebook

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