Download 2014: Introducing The Howling

The Howling 2014

So Download Festival is just over 1 week away and we know it’s always so hard to pick who you go to see. There’s always so many news bands to check out along side some of your favourites at Download Festival and we figure if we give you a bit of a preview of each and let them introduce themselves to you, it may make your planning easier.

East London based The Howling class themselves as electro-punks. We’re not quite sure what that is, so we’ll let them explain.

Who are you and what do you do?

We are The Howling from East London UK and we mix punk rock riffs with beats ,samples and gut wrenching bass lines and were bringing punk rock to the new generation.

How did you get started?

Myself (REV) and Blacky formed the band back in 2012 a meeting of minds started after we began DJing together after the collapse of previous projects. we found a knack for remixing classic punk rock and roll tracks with modern heavy hitters from prodigy, pendulum and noticed that no one had attempted to mix those two genres  in a live band before so we did and here we are!

What stage and day are you playing at Download Festival?

Were main support to SIKTH on the Redbull stage Saturday night at 9pm!

What’s the best thing about playing Download Festival?

You spend most of your time touring around playing to people from town to town download is where all those people from across the country come together to go large or go home. Its the atmosphere of everyone being there for the same reason Alternative music!

Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at Download?

Sixth, Rob Zombie, Aerosmith, BMTH, Zoax

Have you got any surprises in store for you Download set?

We have our most solid set yet featuring debut single Possessed and recent Kerrang radio played Dance of the skeletons were bringing our full cylinder performance to download. come ready!

What’s your best festival memory either personally attending as a fan or in the band? And what’s your advice to all the festival goers?

My advice has always been make a decent camp with your mates somewhere to carry the party on after the last band finishes. travel lightly and cover all weather scenarios. make the effort to catch as many bands of all sizes as possible as you don’t want to be the person who missed out on the epic moments!

This is your chance to have your say to make people come see your set at Download.

Were fresh new and exciting you haven’t seen us before and you need too! we wont let you down and we’ll make that walk from the main stage worth it. check out our performance on the Red Bull stage last year to see what you’ll get and more.

The band are on the 4th stage, The Red Bull Studio Stage on Friday at 8.55pm.

The Howling: Facebook|Twitter

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