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We’re running our Unsung Heroes of 2014 competition and Tarsiers have entered themselves into this. Head to to view their entry and like the video to vote for the band. Here’s some info about the band below.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your band?
We’re a 3-piece from Cardiff consisting of Mike (26 – guitar and vocals), Rory (26 – bass and vocals), and Jean-Pierre (18 – drums and vocals). We aim to write songs that are interesting as well as fun and when we’re reviewed the words ‘indie’, ‘psychedelic’, and ‘post-punk’ are usually in the mix!

When did the band form?
We formed in 2012 and then locked ourselves away in a windowless room to write songs for almost a year. We finally started gigging in April 2013 and then recorded our demo a couple of months later.

How did the band form?
Our eyes met across a crowded room – which is quite difficult to do with three people – and the rest is history.

Who are your biggest influences?
When we started gigging, we had a few people come up to us and say that we reminded them of Talking Heads – despite none of us really having listened to them before. Since then, we’ve all delved into their back catalogue and realise what a compliment that is!  They’re definitely a big influence on the latest stuff we’ve been writing. Other honourable mentions would have to go to Tame Impala, of Montreal, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, The Smiths, and Alt-J.

What’s the biggest show you’ve ever played?
Not entirely sure in terms of numbers but one that springs to mind is our gig at The Dublin Castle in London. To date, it’s the only gig that we’ve played outside of Cardiff and we managed to get a really good crowd along – people that had travelled with us and ones that live in London and had never seem us live before. It was one of those shows where everything just clicked.

How would you describe your live show to someone who hasn’t seen you yet?
Fun and danceable, but intricate. It sounds like it could fall apart at any moment, but it never does.

Tarsiers: Facebook|Twitter

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