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Seething Akira 2014

The UK seem to have a host of new talent at the moment and Portsmouth rockers Seething Akira are here to show you what they can do. We’ll let Charlie tell you the rest, he’s better at it than us anyway.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Charlie, I write the tracks, pick my nose, and also perform vocals.

Where did the band’s name come from?

Ah man, the question that’s always asked! When starting the band, I was creating a Myspace page (yup, Myspace) and realised I didn’t even have a name sorted. I’m a big Manga fan, especially of the movie Akira, and I always loved the name too. I had a poster of Akira right in front of me on the wall, Akira looked pretty grumpy, seething in fact…. You get the idea!

How did you get started?

I had been producing hiphop for a couple of years prior, but was sick of sticking to any kind of formula, I also wanted to get out and gig more, so a band was born. I was very keen to keep rap lyrics, but I’ve also always been a big fan or Electronic music, so the fusion was born.

What have you got going on at the moment?

We’ve got a ton of Festivals this summer, a visit to Europe, the EP release (Aggro Vito) and a UK tour later in the year!

Best experience in the business?

Damn, that’s pretty tough! I think getting praise from the likes of Skindred, Enter Shikari and The Algorithm. We have so much respect for these guys, it feels great to have the backing from guys that are doing what we want to do.

Why should Soundscape readers care?

I think we’re trying to bring the party back a bit, Hardcore?, Djent? No one seems to be bouncing anymore, we just want to bring them the party back and remind people is actually ok to have fun!

Tell our readers an interesting fact about yourself?

By yourselves I’m going to assume you mean the band, so Kit (lead vocalist) has a Tattoo of a fish on his gooch….. he lost a bet J

What’s your writing and recording process?

I build the initial base electronically using DAWs, drum machines and Synths, we then bring it to practice and then we start layering guitars, live drums and vocals to see if its actually going to work live.

What inspires you?

The dream of sticking the regular job and actually living life, visiting new places and people.

Who are your role models/idols?

Mine has to be Liam Howlett. I love that’s managed to keep a style, yet keep it current over 15 years. Pure quality song writer!

Hardest thing about the current business?

It can be a bit cut throat. As we’re a bit different to a lot of bands, sometimes you can cast out if you’re not in the “scene”. But we’re all about creating, and not sounding the same, so we just march on and hope people understand life isn’t about fitting in, no matter how that seems the only option, its about being creative and yourself.

What are your future plans?

We just want to rock people out, and give them an escape and an awesome fun time…. That’s it.

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