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There is a dark line that many artists choose not to cross, perhaps for fear of the painful emotional pull that crossing that line creates, or the potential of not being as commercially acceptable as easier musical choices might be; but for those daring artists, like the impressive Ramsey, crossing that line is the only obvious option. Currently promoting the edgy and beautiful track See You Bleed, Ramsey is here to make it very clear that she has what it takes to capture your attention and not let it go.

Where many artists are releasing their music completely, Ramsey chooses to give us only a taste of great things yet to come. See You Bleed is a track that comes off as dark and beautiful as Chelsea Wolfe meets Portishead meets something completely fresh. Everything about the track is devious and interesting. Nothing oversteps its boundaries, and the production value is exactly what it needs to be. The vocals are almost strained in many ways, but also controlled and exactly what they should be. I would easily say that this song should be considered for a future movie soundtrack that involves some serious drama, as the song itself is soaked with its very own emotional drama that sounds large in scale.

If You Let Me is crushing. I could just leave it at that honestly, but let’s dig a bit deeper. The way the song opens is exactly why Ramsey matters right now. Where many artists stay within the safety of a controlled vocal that sounds like something you have heard before, Ramsey shows us that your voice is the most important instrument of all, that you don’t need to exist in the realm of mediocrity, and she deserves credit for taking such a chance on the vocal line alone. The production of the song is impressive and well times. After hearing this track a few times over, there is always another sound in the background to pay attention to, and all of this fills up the track until it is overflowing with greatness.

Tracks like Slave and Wrong Heart are instantly great. They are more of what you have already heard, and that is nothing short of a compliment; this is not to say that the tracks are the same as the ones before, it is to say that Ramsey has not dropped the ball with her music yet.

After hearing the collective songs of what Ramsey has currently given us, it is clear that she is different from so many other artists currently out. It is obvious that she desires to reach her audience on a deeper level, and that she is what I consider to be a true artist, unafraid of the potential danger of allowing herself to be so open.

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  1. In my, completely subjective, opinion there’s not another artist in the electronic/triphop (shoot pretty much any) that can touch Ramsey. She’s the real deal, such power and emotion that you’re captured, so many layers that are darkly vibrant. This is an artist the world needs NOW and is quickly becoming what can only be described as an icon and a legend.

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