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Networks is a metalcore quartet from the south coast of the UK. The band has been together for just over a eyear and consists of Sean on vocals, Joe on Guitar, Josh on bass and Harry on drums. We caught up with them to get to know a bit more about the band.

How did the band get started?
Harry: This is not the first line up we had for Networks, Joe and Josh both joined in February this year. Networks was a band joined from a number of different bands and we have really found a lineup that is as close to family as possible. Myself and Sean were in a band previously and we wanted to be a lot heavier than our previous band, so after finding Joe and Josh the band was born and we have never looked back since!

Where do you draw influences from?
Josh: We get our influences from many bands, some of the more popular being Parkway Drive and In Hearts Wake, but generally the ideas we come out with are directly related to the main band any one of us is listening to most at the moment.

Do you have any role models in the industry?
Sean: Personally a role model for me is someone like Winston McCall from Parkway Drive. I’ve been listening to Parkway for so long and he is someone I have always looked up to. His stage presence is possibly one of the best in the business!

What has been your best experience in the industry?
Sean: The industry can be a tough place to find your way through to be honest but we have met some amazing people in the industry such as our manager Michael Goncalves and Marianne Harris, these two have supported the band and have been amazing to work with, along with the guys at Rage PR – Nik Hurwood, Lisa Bennett and Jamie Giberti. We have worked with them for a few months now and they have been amazing. So I’d say meeting some amazing people who make this industry run is the best experience I’ve had so far.

What is the most difficult thing about the industry?
Sean: I would say trying to get noticed is the hardest thing in the industry. As a band you can feel like a very small fish with big ambitions in a massive ocean, you just have to believe in yourself.

You’re currently getting ready to release your new EP Enough To Save Us – what can fans expect from it?
Josh: It’s a lot heaver that previous releases; we’re tuned quite a bit lower too, but you can expect the same melodies, we were keen not to skip on that and resort to chug patterns like some bands do these days!
Sean: I think that it is a really honest EP, lyrically it goes to places that I have never been before and I’ve talked about subjects that I would have been too afraid to before.

Can you describe your writing and recording process?
Joe: With us there isn’t really a process. But what happened with the EP was we all had ideas that all of us demoed at home, brought the demos to the other guys, and worked on it from there if we all liked what we heard. That way you can get something that everyone’s put their twist on, for a few of the tracks on the EP we actually did a bit of writing during the recording process too.

Which song on it are you most proud of?
Joe: I think for me, it would be End of an Era, because it was the first thing we wrote as a band. We just sat down at our practice space and decided to write something as the new line up. End of an Era just came out so easily, and we were all so stoked on how it came out. It kinda served as a benchmark really. Everything else we wrote had to be as good as Era.

And finally what are your plans for 2016?
Joe: It’ll be promoting the EP as hard as we can, then going off and starting to write again. For us really it’s completely about playing as much as we can, and getting ourselves out there.

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