Introducing Mimi LaRue

mimi larue

“I LOL’d” – that pretty much sums up my immediate thoughts on the satirical and funny artist from New York named Mimi LaRue. What Mimi brings to the table is well polished and well thought out comedy, and can best be described as the lovechild product between Lady Gaga and Ali G. Currently promoting the tongue-n-cheek, pull no punches, fun filled track titled Country Star, I imagine Mimi won’t be looking to make friends with everyone in in the country music industry with this outright smack to the genre’s face, but that is what makes for good comedy right? The production value of the track itself is top notch, the singing is on point, and of course when it comes to comedy, what the artist is saying matters the most, and Mimi might be speaking many people’s thoughts on this one.

Her track titled Product has Lady Gaga sass written all over it, and sadly, this song is a true representation on what is and has been happening in the music industry. Over seven people being used to write a number one song, and the truth that for these artists, their music is a sellable product more than something with any real depth or integrity. The song, like Country Star, doesn’t waste any of its lyrical ammo, Mimi fires off shot after venomous shot at the hollow pop stars dotting the map. I’m not going to lie, I found real pleasure is listening to an artist lay waste to the great musical tyrants of our time (sorry Britney, Gaga and Katy, just calling a spade a spade here).

The final track from the talented and vicious Mimi LaRue is titled Filler, and in true satirical fashion, Hip Hop artists are going to feel the sting of this songs methodical message. Shining a light on the ridiculous state of the massive amount of radio friendly hip hop that exists currently, Filler itself feels like it is filler in itself. The song has no progression, the lyrics are basic and frustrating, and the samples are the reason I would say the music industry has been getting assaulted for years. The truth is, Mimi brings to light a dark part of the music industry here, and where there is one there is always more, which means many people must be just as frustrated as Mimi is with the current joke of a “product and filler” based industry.

I am sure there will be many comment threads dedicated to fighting either side of the polarizing opinions that Mimi LaRue’s music will no doubt bring, but that is what makes for great art. I may not be a fan of humor in my music in any way shape or form, but I have to appreciate the daring way that Mimi approaches the musical and comedic battlefield.

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