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Hours 2014

We always like introducing you to some new music here at Soundscape so we caught up with Hours, a band who are currently getting ready to release their brand new single Crossfire, to find out a little more. Check out what happened below.

Could you introduce yourself and tell me a bit about the band ?
We’re a five-piece pop-rock band from East Anglia. We’ve been going for just over a year now and after working and playing with some really cool people we’re hitting the road again with a brand new single!

How did you get started?
We’ve all known each other from separate bands in our youth and after a string of messages and hours of tirelessly writing behind closed doors, we pooled our efforts together and came out with something we could really be proud of.

You were recently in the studio working on a new release – what can you tell us about it
Yeah we were once again lucky enough to work with Ben Humphreys and John Mitchell at Outhouse Studios in Reading. It’s somewhere we’ve begun to feel really at home and was the perfect place to record our latest material, including our next release, Crossfire.

What made you choose Crossfire as a single?
It’s a track we’re all really excited about, it’s an upbeat and catchy song with some darker undertones. We’ve each put own own little stamp on Crossfire and we think that’s why it means so much to us.

Would you say it’s a direct continuation of your previous single Casino Lights or have you done anything different?
The writing process was different. Casino Lights was a project that started separately and was finished by the band. Crossfire was much more of a group effort, everyone has had their say and input in every part of the track whether it be in it’s notes or in it’s meaning. We’d say it’s more of a progression than a continuation.

What has been your best experience in the business?
It would have to be either supporting one of our favourite bands Natives in front of a hometown crowd or a crazy gig we recently got to play in Birmingham. We went with some good friends, played to an awesome crowd and had a pretty heavy night out afterwards!

What’s been the hardest thing about the current business?
I think one of the toughest things for us is less business orientated. We find it hardest part is meeting all these amazing people (either by working with them or meeting them at shows) and then leaving them behind as we move on to play another city. You make some really good friends in this ‘business’ and when you leave, you can only hope you get to see them again sometime soon.

What inspires you?
I think to a certain extent we inspire each other, we definitely feed off of each others ideas and challenge each other to be better.

Who are your role models?
I think anyone who can make something of themselves doing something they love, our old friends in Mallory Knox are a prime example of that. It’s hard not to look up to a friend who’s proved that you can make your dreams a reality.

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