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Up-and-coming rock fourpiece Elasea will be releasing their new EP Where I Belong next month. Ahead of the release, we caught up with bassist Liv to find out more about the band and additionally we also reviewed the EP itself. Check it all out and get involved below!

Can you introduce yourself and tell me a bit about the band? 
We’re Elasea, we started off as a covers band in a garage when we were at school! Played a couple of shows that went really well so decided to start writing some originals! Had a few line up changes and dipped into different genres but now the four of us are here! 

How did you get started? 
We all started in different bands in our area, we gigged a lot together but as our separate bands. After everyone started to disappear to uni and our bands were falling apart, us four got together and decided to start something completely new. 

Who are your influences and role models? 
I think all of us are really into the same kinda bands really! A Day To Remember, Lower Than Atlantis, Young Guns, Mallory Knox, Pvris, YouMeAtSix etc! I think we also have a heavy pop music and hardcore influence that creeps up in our writing. 

You’re currently getting ready to release your new EP Where I Belong. Can you describe your writing and recording process? 
So I think we spent roughly a year writing this EP, some of the songs are even older than that! The last track I wrote when I had just finished school! We were writing so much but weren’t sure where to take all the tracks, but these five fit so well together on the EP. 

Were there any songs that were more of a struggle to perfect? 
I think Lost In The Dark took us the longest, it’s changed so much to how it originally started. We had the music down for a long time but couldn’t find the right lyrics that would make it stand out. I spent days on end trying to perfect the lyrics! Then one day all in one hit I just wrote them down all in one go. 

Which song are you most proud of? 
I think Lost In The Dark is the one we’re most proud of as it took the longest, also Glass Heart as it’s different to anything we’ve ever wrote before. 

Any interesting stories from the studio? 
Jev actually slept on the studio floor for a whole day while we’re tracking guitars, so I think that explains the kind of mad things we were up to…. All that sleeping, eating and tea drinking that happened was mental! 

And finally what’s Elasea’s plans for the rest of 2015? 
Gig, gig, gig etc! Hopefully play as many shows as possible through the year, get the EP out to as many people as possible. Then start all over again and experiment with writing!

Where I Belong Review

Elasea - Where I BelongIt has to be said that despite the band being relative newcomers in the scene, Where I Belong is a mature and well-rounded piece that sounds more polished and together than some bands that are veterans in comparison – this is a band that have a lot of confidence in their songwriting and musical abilities and it really shines through as you listen to the EP.

Elasea have mastered the art of writing songs destined to get stuck in your head, featuring big powerful choruses and tight instrumentation and although the songs aren’t some of the most complex compositions you’ll come across, this isn’t a bad thing because you do get the impression that ‘less is more’ with Where I Belong.

A highlight of the EP is the stunning Time Is Running Out, which sees a slightly different vocal approach taken with occasional harsh vocals thrown into the mix to switch things up, and it adds just the right amount of variation to keep it all sounding fresh.

As a whole, Where I Belong shows a great deal and promise for this up and coming band. Keep an eye out for Elasea – they’re going places for sure.


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