Download 2014: Introducing Ducking Punches

Ducking Punches 2014So Download Festival is just 2 weeks away and we know it’s always so hard to pick who you go to see. There’s always so many news bands to check out along side some of your favourites at Download Festival and we figure if we give you a bit of a preview of each and let them introduce themselves to you, it may make your planning easier.

Ducking Punches are five punk rockers with a love of folk. Combine the two and you get something a little different. But don’t take our word on it, here’s the band to introduce themselves.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Dan and I sing and play guitar in Ducking Punches.

How did you get started?

It started as a solo project, but now it’s full band, we play punk rock.

What stage and day are you playing at Download Festival?

We’re playing the Jagermeister stage on the Saturday.

What’s the best thing about playing Download Festival?

It’s the friendliest festival I’ve ever been to. People are great there. Plus it’s a huge party!

Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at Download?

Against Me!

Have you got any surprises in store for you Download set?

We may have a wrestler streaking during our set. Then again, we may not.

What’s your best festival memory either personally attending as a fan or in the band? And what’s your advice to all the festival goers?

I saw Refused at Download and they blew my mind, it was one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen! Have fun, drink loads of water as well as booze and GO AND SEE BANDS! Go and see bands you’ve never heard of, your favourite bands, bands you hate. Download has such an amazing caliber of music. Most importantly have fun and make new friends.

The band are on the 5th stage, The Jagermeister Stage on Saturday at 15.10pm.

Ducking Punches: Facebook|Twitter

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