Introducing Dedwardians

It’s not often a band invents their own genre, but self professed Glamabilly Rock ‘N Rollers Dedwardians, from London have done just that.

Featuring the considerable talents of ex-The Glitterati vocalist Paul Gautrey, Dedwardians are making real, honest rock n roll, the way is was always meant to be played.

We caught up with Paul for the lowdown on the band.

Can you please introduce yourselves to our readers?
Paul Gautrey, singer for Dedwardians.

The Glitterati split just after releasing 2 great album’s, especially second one, ‘Are You One Of Us?’, what happened?
We just couldnt see it going any further, we didnt feel like the label we were on were really pushing the album, but it wasnt all their fault either, we just had so much bad luck regarding touring and management that it ground us down.

Where did the name Dedwardians come from?
We have a lot of 50s and Rock n roll influences, and the term “teddy boys’ comes from Edwardians, the name Dedwardians came from that and we felt it fit our music and style.

What have you got going on at the moment?
We just played our first show last week,we have lots more gigs lined up over the summer and we have our first single coming out in August/September which we are filming the video for next week, so its all moving pretty fast, which is great.

Favourite music and why?
Personally most of my favourite music is from the 50s, Elvis, Lil Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and some more obscure stuff, as a band we have those influences but a lot of other stuff too like The Cramps and Generation X.

Favourite book and why?
I only really read autobigraphies/biographies. I really enjoyed “Last train to Memphis” as to me Elvis is the greatest performer of all time and I love reading about that era in music and how the records were made.

Favourite film and why?
Theres loads I love, True Romance, anything remotely violent that De Niro is in, I love Grease for a singalong ha ha, but my favourite movies ever are The Rocky movies, I’m a full on Rocky fanatic.

Best experience in the business?
So many really, Just the places I’ve been able to visit and meeting a lot of my heroes.

Why should Soundscape readers care?
I think we have a pretty unique sound, I’m not sure we fit in anywhere and I think we have a lot of heart, when I say that I mean I find so much rock music today sterile, over produced and soulless, that’s why I like so much older stuff, we aren’t a band trying to sound perfect, we just want to be an exciting band with great songs.

What’s the best and worst things about touring?
Touring is great, playing live every night, meeting everyone, having a laugh with your mates, its why everyone wants to be in a band in the first place, there are a few things that can get to you on tour, but nothing worth complaining about, anyone who complains about touring should seriously consider a different career.

Most embarrassing thing to happen to you while in the band?
Ha Ha nothing too bad so far, we have only just done our first gig, but I’m sure there will be many in the future!

What’s your writing and recording process?
Well we started out with a few songs I’d just wrote with a drum machine, and Gaff our guitarist would come up with guitars for them, we still have a few we did that way, but most of them have been the guys writing the music and giving it to me to come up with the vocals. The recordings we have done so far are basically just us playing live in a room, as basic as you can get and we like doing things that way, it captures something you lose when using click tracks, loads of overdubbed guitars and everything else.

What inspires you?
Great Music, Great Artists and Great People.

Whats the best thing about playing in Wales?
I haven’t played in Wales for quite a long time but I always thought the crowds were great, although we did have our van broken into two consecutive times we played Cardiff, so maybe they didnt like us as much as I thought they did, ha ha.

Who are your role models or idols?
Musically it would be Elvis, as he was such a huge star and so important in popular music, I dont think that there are many people I’d class as idols but Elvis for sure deserves to be classed that way.

What would you say is the hardest thing about the current business?
Theres not a lot of money been put into bands anymore, the labels are looking at putting as little in as they can get away with, but that doesnt have to be a negative a lot of bands are finding ways to market themselves, so maybe theres more chances for the hard working bands over the just over hyped ones.

What are Dedwardians future plans?
We have a lot of gigs planned/booked over the summer, and our first single in August/September, and then after that the recording and releasing of our first album, thats the plan anyway.

Final question, one we ask everyone, who is your favourite Batman actor?
Oh, Adam West for sure, I like the Christian Bale films but I loved those old Batman tv shows.

The bands next show is at the White Noise club night at The Underbelly in Hoxton, London this Saturday, the band are also confirmed for a slot at this years Camden Rocks festival.

You can check out the bands debut song ‘Bang Bang Die’ right here.

Dedwardians: Facebook|Twitter

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