Introducing Cold Night For Alligators

Cold Night For Alligators

Cold Night For Alligators have recently released a video for their new single Followers. We caught up with the band to find out a bit more about them!

Can you introduce yourself and tell me a bit about the band?
We’re a five piece metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark.

How did the band get started?
The three founding members (Pope, Lord, and Jack) started the band back in 2008. Back then, we were called something else and playing a different kind of music, but we emerged as Cold Night for Alligators with the release of our first EP Ulterior Motives in 2010. We’ve undergone some line-up changes since then and the current line-up has been present since 2014.

Where do you draw influences from?
Pretty much everywhere. We listen to a wide variety of music and genre across the members, so where the lead might be inspired jazzy stuff, the drums can be inspired by electronic music.

Do you have any role models?
As a band, no. As with the last question, we each have our individual preferences when it comes to music genres, but we obviously also have a lot of bands and artists that we all enjoy together. Those artists are mostly metal bands, but we regard them as general inspiration and do not view them as role models per se.

What has been your best experience in the industry so far?
One of our greatest moments were without a doubt our trip to India. We were invited to go there by a culture festival committee of a university there, and had a blast experiencing the country and of course playing a hell of a show in front of 500 metal-craving students!

What is the most difficult thing about the industry?
One of the most difficult things is the size of the industry and the popularity of our genre compared to other genres – especially in Denmark. We find it very hard to get as many shows as we want to and when we play live it is difficult to get enough spectators to cover all our expenses. This being said, we do not want to hold back because of money and we play as much as possible even though we have to pay some of the expenses ourselves.

You recently released a video for your new song Followers. What made you choose that as the lead single from your upcoming debut album?
We felt that the song was the most representative for the album, displaying the diversity of stuff we love to write and play. In addition, we absolutely LOVE the chorus!

And finally what are your plans for the rest of the year?
Well, we have another track+video coming out in the near future. After that, there’s the release of the album, which we’re really stoked about! How the release is going to happen, well, we’ll have to see what we can come up with. It’s been a long time since we’ve been touring so of course this is in the works as well.

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