Download 2014: Introducing Bad Touch

Bad Touch 2014So Download Festival is just under a week away and we know it’s always so hard to pick who you go to see. There’s always so many news bands to check out along side some of your favourites at Download Festival and we figure if we give you a bit of a preview of each and let them introduce themselves to you, it may make your planning easier.

Dereham based five piece, Bad Touch formed in 2009 and are looking forward to bringing their brand of rhythmic funky rock to Download Festival.

Who are you and what do you do?

Seeks: I’m Seeks and I’m an alcoholic rhythm guitarist for Bad Touch

Rob G: Rob G – play guitar for bad touch

Bailey: I’m bailey, I play bass

Stevie: Hey, I’m Stevie, singer of Bad Touch. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

George: George and I play drums

How did you get started?

Seeks: I picked up a guitar when I was about 15 and I never looked back. I’ve always been around musical people, with my dad being in pub/cover bands, so I’ve been hooked from a very young age

Rob G: by playing music with friends

Bailey: I wanted to buy a guitar when I was about 15, then my mate wanted to sell his bass so I bought that and started learning bass.

Stevie: Funny story. I’ve always sang (mostly in the shower) but playing guitar was my first love. I turned up to the audition, guitar in hand, then the boys said “Can you sing?” I said, “I can try…” And here we’re are nearly five years down the line.

George: I started playing Piano and guitar when I was about 6 and took up Drums when I was 12 in High School

What stage and day are you playing at Download Festival?

Seeks: Red Bull Stage, Friday, 1.50pm

What’s the best thing about playing Download Festival?

Seeks: I’ve been to every Download Festival since I was 14 years old, it’s the greatest festival out there. I’ve seen so many of my idols there, and there aren’t many truly great bands that haven’t played Donnington Park over the years; right back to Monsters of Rock. Actually getting the chance to play Download in 2014 is an absolute privilege

Rob G: Playing the same festival as those that inspired you to start playing

Bailey: I think its the fact that everybody who’s there are there because they want to watch bands, so you can expect there to be a great crowd even on the smaller stages.

Stevie: I’ve been a regular Dowloader since I could drive. It’s always been a sort of Mecca, a kind of rocknroll pilgrimage for my band mates and I, and I’m still slapping myself round the face about the fact we’re playing 2014. It sounds a bit egotistical, but for me the best part about playing the legendary festival is it’s one more thing ticked off my bucket list. A true honour.

George: Playing at the same festival as several of my heroes

Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at Download?

Seeks: Where do I start? There are so many brilliant bands performing. I think Status Quo will be the highlight for me as it’s one band I’ve not had the chance to see yet. Having said that, I’m really looking forward to Rival Son, Aerosmith, Joe Bonamassa, Temperance Movemebt, The Answer, Dan Reed Network, Alterbridge, Tesla and Orange Goblin.

Rob G: Joe B, Aerosmith, rival sons, temperance movement, alter bridge

Bailey: I was hoping to catch triviums set, playing their set from when they played the red bull stage in 2005, but its got to be skindred on the friday, they always put on a good show.

Stevie: Too many to mention! Believe it or not I’m a closet DoomTrooper so I’ll be looking forward to seeing my man, Zakk and the awesome Black Label Society! I’m also a huge Joe Bonamassa fan. This chap’s been a huge influence on Bad Touch and I can’t wait to see him live.

George: Joe Bonamassa

Have you got any surprises in store for you Download set?

Seeks: Not really any surprises from us, but I’m hoping that the people who choose to come and see us find us a surprise. We’re just going to go out there all guns blazing, playing our version of good, old-fashioned rock & roll.

Rob G: Not that I know of but maybe

Bailey: There’s not really any surprises in the set, but hopefully it’ll be a nice surprise for anybody who hasn’t seen us before.

Stevie: Just some good ole fashioned, clean cut, home grown, feel good, classy rocknroll! The way we like to play it! Hope that sounds okay to you guys?

George: Nothing planned – but we often surprise each other with some unrehearsed mistakes

What’s your best festival memory either personally attending as a fan or in the band? And what’s your advice to all the festival goers?

Seeks: Wow, where do I start? I have so many it’s unreal! One of them was seeing the brilliant Little Angels, a band I never thought I’d get the chance to see live, and having  a great night with great friends and great music. My advice is, whatever you do, just enjoy it, Download will be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have!

Rob G: Everything about the festival is great and make sure you take toilet roll

Bailey: It was probably watching sabbath in 2012, they’re a band that I never thought I’d get the chance to see. My advice would probably be to wear sun cream, I’ve woken up at download with sunburn in places where it probably shouldn’t have been able to get to.

Stevie: There are two that stick out in my mind as memories I shall take to my grave. The first was in 2010, when you had the mighty AC/DC headlining. When their freight train crashed through the back of that awesome stage, I lost my mind! I didn’t know or care where anyone was, I was just lost in that moment with one of my favourite bands of all time. (I will just take this moment to wish Malcolm Young a swift recovery, all of Bad Touch’s hearts are with you buddy.) The second was was a couple of years back, me and my best friend were drunk as the proverbial skunks (I know what you’re thinking, “Surely not you Stevie?!) on the side of the hill facing the main stage, moshing out to the legend that is Geezer Butler storming the bass intro to War Pigs, on the last night of our favourite festival. As for advice, stay safe, have fun and I’ll see you down the front!

George: Seeing our singer in a wheelbarrow (without a wheel) being pushed through the camp-site by our bassist. My advice to festival goers is to always have a drink in hand for emergencies.

This is your chance to have your say to make people come see your set at Download.

Seeks: Well, if you’ve got a love for good, old-fashioned rock & roll and no-one tickles your fancy early on Friday, then head over to the Red Bull Stage and check us out! It means a lot for me for anyone to come and give Bad Touch a look, and even if people don’t get it (which I hope they will!) I appreciate them giving us the opportunity anyway!

Rob G: We are lucky enough to do what we love doing and we do everything we can so people can share and enjoy the same experience so if you like live music we hope you like us

Bailey: If you like good old fashioned rock and roll, and need a band to watch early on friday then we are definitely the band for you.

George: Come and see our set at download… or I will slap you with a kipper.

The band are on the 4th stage, Red Bull Studios Stage on Friday at 1.50pm.
Bad Touch: Facebook|Twitter
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