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The London based rockers Amaryllis are just about to release their new EP, Revolt, which we have reviewed here. The band have recently played with Elliot Minor and The Dirty Youth and are currently heading out on a small UK tour with Angel At My Table. Below is why we think you should check them out.

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Alex and I play guitar in the band!

Where did the band’s name come from?
Our name came to us after we decided we needed a name so struggling for ideas, I thought it’d be cool to name us after the last Shinedown album as it was all I listening to at the time and it was the first and only name we ever talked about!

How did you get started?
My band at the time went through a long quiet period and I knew our singer Sante was unhappy in the new band she had just formed so I decided to steal her! She then brought in Mike and Ozzy into the fold. After recorded our debut EP I decided we needed another guitarist so we auditioned a few guitarists then saw Dan’s beard and had to have him in the band!

What have you got going on at the moment?
We’ve got SO much happening right now! The release of our brand new EP Revolt on 12th May, a tour with Angel At My Table that starts this week and a headline tour in June with Ugly Love supporting us. All exciting for us right now!

Best experience in the business?
I don’t think any of us see it as a business, you shouldn’t be in a band if you do (unless you’re Gene Simmons of course!) Our fans, friends and family got together and campaigned for us to support Elliot Minor on their final farewell shows at 02 Academy Islington in front of 800. That was a mind blowing experience!

Why should Soundscape readers care?
We’re just an honest band of people that love music and want to meet as many people as we can and take our music to as many people as we can. We love how our so many people have met and been brought together through our band whether it’s been at live shows, talking about our band or online.

Tell our readers an interesting fact about yourself?
I’m an obsessive Doctor Who freak to the point where fans will even draw me Doctor Who related things and be the first conversation brought up when seeing a lot of them! (I may or may not have cried when Billie Piper left David Tennant!)

What’s your writing and recording process?
Usually either myself or Dan will record an idea for a song/riff that we’ve come up with, send it round to the band and discuss a structure for it so we can come into the rehearsal room as a whole band already having a good idea of the song!

What inspires you?
Definitely meeting so many incredible people and making friends for life through doing what we do. Over the last year and 7 months as a band we’ve seen how our band has affected so many people’s lives and it’s just an amazing thing to see.

Who are your role models/idols?
Mark Tremonti, James Hetfield, Billy Corgan, Chi Moreno & Christopher Eccleston (obviously…)

Hardest thing about the current business?
There are always sharks and industry people out there to get your money and exploit you but our band has survived a lot of that so it’s just fueled us to fight even harder and never give up. Going through a lot of that has made us a band of brothers (and sister, of course!) and with the incredible support of our fans, friends and family, those things will never bring us down!

What are your future plans?
We’ll we head out on tour this week for a few dates around the UK, release our brand new EP Revolt on 12th May then head out on a full headline UK tour in June! After that, well, you’ll just have to wait and see!

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