Introducing Altered Sky

Ester Segarra
Photo by Ester Segarra.

Altered Sky are a 5-piece Scottish rock band hailing from Glasgow in Central Scotland. Made up of singer Ana Nowosielska, drummer Amy Blair and guitarists Ross Archibald, Richard Passe and recently-joined Ryan Zdrojewski. Already having produced three EPs and being well on their way to recording their first full-length album, Altered Sky are quickly becoming a well-known name in Scotland. They’ve already shared a stage with the likes of We Are The In Crowd, The Wonder Years and Neck Deep which has increased their ever-growing fan-base in the UK.

Altered Sky’s first hit Apple Tree is a wonderfully catchy song which shows all their promise and potential to become Scotland’s answer to Paramore and Tonight Alive. Fast forward a couple of years with I Know You Know and the incredible Where I Belong, and it’s plain to see that this band are a force to be reckoned with. Appearing regularly on radio stations all over the world including the UK’s Kerrang! Radio and USA’s K-Rock as well as having music videos on Scuzz and Kerrang! TV is a massive compliment to the progress this band are making.

Not afraid to mix it up either, Altered Sky boast an impressive number of songs already for a band so young. Ranging from powerful ballads like Shining White Star to the angsty Traitor In Me and fans favourite, Live For It, it’s very much advised to check this band out and then go see them perform as their live performance is full of energy and talent. The band feed off each other perfectly with the vocals of singer Ana and drummer Amy complimenting each other very well.

The band are touring the UK in November so make sure you see go see them while they’re still playing small venues as rest assured that won’t last for long.

Altered Sky UK Tour

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