Introducing All The Damn Vampires

Introducing All The Damn Vampires

We can’t keep ATDV’s recent EP off the daily playlist, so why not choose them for our band of the month.

Just another band formed from the broken remains of other long lost reputable underground bands, and albeit to knowing what they’re up against, their true punk rock honesty and angst that drove them before really stands out in their tracks and live essence. All The Damn Vampires are here with the power and raw fury to show us that dirty punk rock isn’t past it’s sell by date. Actually, it’s far from it, and with a storming recent EP release titled ‘Live from the Gutter’, we can only hope more bands build up the courage to follow and uprise this underrated hard rock scene that has been overrun by those never ending indie acts in the past few years. We’re sick of them and we say bring the chaos, because ATDV music will sure as hell bring it.

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