Introducing Crow Eats Man

There is something undeniably refreshing about any musician stepping onto the scene with this much machismo. With the music industry in a current state of safe, genderless, and faceless sound; it takes a driven, 90’s inspired musical act, like that of Mountain View, CA’s, Crow Eats Man, to really bring us back to the roots of why we call it Hard-Rock in the first place.

Recently releasing their highly-anticipated, self-titled new EP; Crow Eats Man packs every track on this kick-ass album with enough energy to power a city. It’s one-part Alice In Chains, another part Stone Temple Pilots, and a dash of Rage Against The Machine; all in all, it is the sort of sound that has been making a comeback for a while now; and thankfully so.

The five talented members who make up Crow Eats Man, have found an inspired dark rhythm throughout this EP, starting with their lead-single Jaded. This high-octane track drips with a devious energy that finds itself hardly contained, and that simple-yet-incredible solo, is the stuff of music legend (honestly, I have hit repeat on that solo at least ten times already, damn that’s what I call music!).

So, who are Crow Eats Man, exactly? Let’s start with Sebastian Sanchez shall we?

A singer with a sense of depth, a man on a mission to dig deep, find that emotionally real place, find a melody within that space, and then let that discovery ring throughout every single track. Do you remember listening to Alice In Chains and thinking “I love the vocals…but damn, those guitars are singing too!” Well, that is exactly how I feel when I hear the creative hook-lines from both Reku Heims (Lead Guitar) and Elliot Hu (Rhythm Guitar). These two create some serious axe-alchemy on every powerful song found within the EP, and it is those driven riffs that elevate every track to its explosive peak.

You cannot hope to have a song worth remembering if the bassist and drummer are just casually playing along, and thankfully for Crow Eats Man, these two positions are taken up by some seriously passionate players. The heavy and gritty bass style of Nick Coleman thickens up every track in a way that just makes everything feel darkly-heavy, it comes off as an ode to Smashing Pumpkins meets Nirvana meets Queens Of The Stone Age; just solid all the way through. Let us not forget the man who makes sure every song has enough “heavy” in it, to feel like a punch straight to the face! This man would be Richard Barnes; a methodical and aggressive drummer who commands every single track.

Although Jaded is the bands current lead single, they could have chosen any track off this six song EP to fill that spot. Whether it be Lost Son, Before Sunday, Deependit, or Fresno Cigarette Run; take your pick, and you will hear a hell-of-a-song!

If heavy music, with and melodic edge and inspired by the 90’s Alt-Rock wave is your thing, then look no further than what Crow Eats Man has to offer!

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