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Creating quite the buzz around the local Welsh scene are alt-rockers CHROMA, a three piece consisting of vocalist KT Hall, bassist Liam “Bev” and drummer Zac Mather. Hailing from the valleys their passion and the friendship they display on stage is admirable. From introducing slots at Reading & Leeds to local club shows they’re a band worth your time. We asked them to tell us a little about themselves, their recent single Vampires and the challenges they face in todays scene.

You recently released a video for the track Vampires – tell us a little about the song an video?
The song is really about how “Vampires walk among us”. Not in a literal sense but in the sense that people can be creatures who can talk advantage of you whilst wearing a smile. These people are people you will meet on a daily basis that have their own agenda’s that they don’t want people to see. The video just conveys that.

You’re currently concentrating on writing a new EP. Are there any plans in the future to release an album or do you find for upcoming acts it’s better to concentrate on live shows/getting out there and EPs?
We are still finding our sound so EP’s is what we’re going for right now. We are working towards an album but need to establish finding our feet first.

What’s been your favourite song to write so far and why?
Our next single ‘Girls Talk‘ is definitely the track we’ve had most fun writing. We feel that this song is a good example of our sound as its to the point. The songs message is very important to us and many people in the sense that we need to make a change to how we treat one and other. The song is about showing respect for people and not taking advantage of people because you think you’re entitled to do so. It’s really important for us to put a message in our songs and it enables us to have a lot of fun with it live.

Your live shows are quite playful with the way you react with each other on stage – what would you say is key to keeping the performance fresh? Do you ever surprise each other with stuff you do on stage?
We tend to think about our last show and try to switch up the set list a little to see which songs work best with one and other. We all like to bring new elements into the set and put on a good show by just having a really good time while playing our music. I think sometimes we can surprise ourselves and each other more when we’re feeling most confident as individuals.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard you yet?
If we had to describe to someone who hasn’t heard us yet what our sound is I guess we would say that we are a blend of many different influences that falls into our “Alternative Rock” sound. We are a loud, in your face band that want to make you feel something while listening to our music or seeing us live.

What inspires you to create music and how did you get started?
Other music inspires us to make music. We got started through playing in other bands and then finding each other. We made a decision at the start of the band that we wanted to get the most out of it as we could and we’ve tried pushing everything as far as we can ever since.

The biggest challenge as a band? / What advice would you give to your young teenage self?
The biggest challenge for us to begin with was not believing in ourselves. Confidence is something that has improved our sets and everything that comes in between for a while now. Don’t get put off if certain people aren’t fussed on your music. Do it for yourself over anyone else. Never think you’re bad.

What’s playing on your iPod right now? / What’s the last album you bought?
As there are three of us in the band:
KT’s favorite album at the moment is SHAME’s new album.
Bev’s listening to Marmozet’s new album at the moment.
Zac is listening to Nothing But Thieves’ album that they released at the end of last year.

2017 was quite the busy year for the band – not only filled with gigs it including a win at Cardiff Music Awards back in March. CHROMA won Best Breakthrough Act and have since never lost the attention of the Welsh. It’s been great to see such a vibrant local scene.
What’s been your favourite experience so far? And what are your ambitions for 2018?

Reading and Leeds festival was a highlight for us. Just playing songs in the Welsh Language to a crowd that wouldn’t usually expect it and having a great response to those songs was amazing. We only ever want to make music that portrays us as best as possible and the fact people will support that is incredible. Another highlight would be playing in Tramshed with Peace, IDLES and Sea Zoo as part of SWN festival last year.

Our ambitions for 2018 are to just continue what we’re doing, getting on some festival bills, playing at venues that we’ve never played before and meeting some new people while exploring our sound and working towards an album after the release of our next EP.

You can catch CHROMA at the following upcoming dates:
22nd February – Mothers Ruin, Bristol
23rd February – Fairwater Social Club, Cardiff
24th February – Y Parrot, Carmarthen

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and check out their new single and video Vampires on their website: / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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