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Acres are a band that will grip you from start to finish. With a loyal fanbase and emotionally charged post-hardcore this five piece are a young band that deserves your attention. With festival season upon us we caught up with Acres bassist John Osala ahead of their show at 2000 Trees Festival.

How did the band get started and what inspired you all to make music together? 
The band came about as a collective of guys who wanted to play something other than what was popular at the time. The local music scene was saturated with some great hardcore bands but we wanted to put our own spin on things. So we connected up via social media and started jamming. 

With a few EPs under your belt are there any plans to release a full length in the future? Or do you find with your style of music and the current music climate EPs stand stronger? 
A debut album is an introduction to who you are as a band. You only get one chance to make a first impression so we would only release something when we are 100% sure it’s how we want to carry on. Our Eps so far have been a statement of who we are at the time but we’ve evolved and grown as we get older and with a few member changes we are heading towards a sound we are all super excited about. 

Your recent EP ‘In Sickness & Health’ feels like an emotional and powerful journey. What most influenced/inspired the EP? And how was the writing process? 
Instrumentally we had some of the songs written going into the process. However, we lost our previous vocalist at the pre-production stage. I think instrumentally that had an impact but the songs took a new meaning when Ben (vocalist) added his touch to the EP. Emotionally charged music with personal yet relatable lyrics really adds to the final product. 

What’s been your best experience in the business so far? 
The Alaska/Casey tour we did in 2016. 3 bands, 3 weeks, great shows every night. It is always nice to tour with bands that you’re a fan of but even nicer when you come away from it with solid friendships. It was also the first tour where we got given proper accommodation almost every night. Being a band that’s grateful when people let us sleep on their floor, having a hostel for the night was the utmost luxury. 

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How do you feel playing at 2000 Trees will compare to larger festivals? 
At some of the larger festivals people attend for the experience and the larger headline acts. The smaller stages don’t get as much of a crowd. However, the smaller festivals are filled with people who are there to support up and coming acts and are really passionate about music. 

Who are you most looking forward to seeing play at 2000 Trees? 
We clash with Rolo Tomassi which we are all devastated about. There are many bands on the line up we’re stoked about but my personal highlight would be Frank carter and the Rattlesnakes. 

What’s your best festival memory either personally attending as a fan or in the band? 
As a fan I attended Sonisphere in 2011 and witnessed 80,000 people fall silent for 2 minutes in respect for Paul Gray. The festival had a constant buzz all weekend but the entire site was silent for those two minutes. The feeling of mutual respect between people of all walks of life but all unified by a love for music and an appreciation for a lost musician was truly amazing. 

Hardest thing about the current business? 
The hardest thing about the business is getting noticed. Social media has made connecting with fans way easier but also means the competition is higher as there is unlimited amount of bands to listen to. 

What’s your wildest ambition for the band? 
To be able to live off of what we love would be amazing. None of us are fussed on fast cars and big houses but to be able to live life making music would be amazing.

You can catch Acres playing the Saturday of 2000 Trees Festival along with a variety of upcoming bands. Find the band on Facebook here –

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