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Speaking In Shadows

Speaking In Shadows is a five-piece alternative rock band from Nuneaton. Formed in 2010 through mutual friendships, in the past 2-3 years the band has gone from strength to strength, performing all across the UK and even to mainland Europe for some shows. The band recently released their new EP The Anchor so we caught up with them for a chat.

So, you recently released your new EP The Anchor. What has the response been like so far?
We have had a great response so far! Many reviews have come back, all with positive comments and good ratings; we have received endless praise from fans and friends regarding the release. It’s been overwhelming for us, and given us great confidence and motivation to get back on tour and promote the EP and our new live show.

Can you describe your writing and recording process for the EP?
When it came to writing the new EP, we wanted to create music organically rather than trying to mould a song into a certain genre or style. We thought this approach would encourage the true sound of Speaking in Shadows to emerge, and avoid us sounding like any other bands – finding our own position in the landscape. We found this process a lot more personal and enjoyable, too, and hope that’s clear in the final result.

We each have different influences when it comes to writing new songs. We try to draw from each other’s input within the song that we’re writing and combine them to produce a unique sound that anchors them all together, creating something we are all pleased with.

In regards to the recording process, we spent 9 days at Regal House Studio in Wisbech where Lee Batiuk recorded, mixed, and mastered our EP. The writing all took place over the course of the last year.

Which track are you most proud of?
We are most proud of Figure of Eighty. It’s a song that pushed us a little out of our comfort zone, and we are extremely proud of how it turned out. From the intricate guitar work in the verses to the riffy, heavier bridge, we all feel that it has helped us explore an area in song-writing we haven’t before that we greatly enjoyed delving in to. Lyrically it’s much darker too, and takes on the same personal approach we were all aiming for this time around.

Were there any that were more of a struggle to perfect?
The track Bite came quite naturally with writing the music behind it, however we found it very difficult to put a vocal melody to it. We spent quite a while going through many different melodies before landing on the one we all felt fitted the song perfectly. Easy for You was a bit of a struggle too, as we weren’t sure what final feel we were aiming for in the beginning. It also proved very difficult finding vocal harmonies for the final melody, but got there in the end.

Any interesting studio stories?
While we were at the studio recording The Anchor, we were told that Deaf Havana would be in the studio practicing for a couple of days whilst we were there. While we were in the control room recording the guitars, Deaf Havana were practicing in the live room. This meant that while still recording, we got the pleasure of listening to and watching Deaf Havana prepare for their upcoming gigs.

On the subject of tours, you’re also about to head out on tour in support of The Anchor. What can fans expect from the shows?
We have spent a long time practicing since being in the studio and feel that the set we have for the tour is sounding and looking very good. Fans can expect a great set, a great live performance, and us being as crazy as we’ve always been!

Is there anywhere you’re looking forward to playing most?
I think for this tour, we’re most looking forward to playing in Newcastle. We haven’t played there for a while, but it’s always guaranteed that the crowd will be amazing. They’re always so responsive and very loud, and such a great laugh – it’s always a pleasure to play there. If we had to move somewhere, it’d definitely be Newcastle?

What do you like best about touring?
We love getting to spend the time together every day knowing that, each night, we get to go back on stage and do what we all love: performing. When on stage, we all get lost in the amazing atmosphere, all worries disappear, and our passion and love for music shines out.

Is there anything you dislike?
The day the tour finishes!

And finally what is in store for Speaking in Shadows in 2016?
We will be back out touring relentlessly round the UK, and hopefully touring back across mainland Europe. We also hope 2016 is the year we make our mark on the festival scene. We will be working on producing and releasing new videos for future singles from the new EP, so make sure to keep your eyes out for those too!

Speaking In Shadows are about to head out on tour. Check them out at one of the dates below:
24.10: Glasgow // Classic Grand
25.10: Newcastle // Think Tank
26.10: Norwich // B2
27.10: London // Nambucca
28.10: Birmingham // The Flapper
29.10: Manchester // Aatma
30.10: Leek // Infinity

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