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Last year, Sister released their great new album Stand Up, Forward, March! and we caught up with drummer Cari Crow for a chat to find out more. Get involved below!

You recently released your new album Stand Up, Forward, March! – what’s the response been like to it so far?
It has been great! It feels like we’ve released our best album so far and many reviews have been saying the same.

Can you describe the writing and recording process for it?
We recorded the album in Upplands Väsby, north of Stockholm together with producer Jona Tee. We wrote some songs together with Jona and it just felt right, he became like a fifth member during the recording. Everything was kinda basic. Just the four/five of us hanging out in the studio and recorded killer song. There was no rush in the studio and that felt good. We had the time to try out stuff before recording.

Did you do anything different compared to what you did for past releases?
We focused and worked harder on the songs, plus added a producer who helped us to make a good song into a great song.

Were there any tracks that were more of a challenge to get right, or did everything go pretty much to plan?
Yes of course. Songs like Lost In Line, Endangered Species and Destination Dust was all projects that we worked on for a long time. For example, we had the whole Dust song ready but with a chorus that we didn’t felt was 100% so we asked Jona if he could add something to that one, and so he did. Lost In Line is like three different songs mixed into one.

Which song are you most proud of?
Lyrically, I´ll have to say Liberation Song.

When it comes to live shows, what can fans expect from a Sister show?
Blood, Sweat and Energy

You’ve toured many places over the past few years – but where has been your favourite place to play?
It´s hard to say. Where there´s a good crowd we love to play anywhere. We´ve had some good runs in the UK. This latest tour I remember Switzerland and Italy was cool. Germany is mostly great as well.

What has been your favourite show to date?
Sonisphere Madrid 2012 was huge.

What about the strangest or weirdest show?
Bang Your Head Festival 2012 was crazy. We played at 10.00 in the morning, still drunk from the night before. They cut our set during the last song and we moved on to be even more drunk after that show. The feeling of stepping off stage and the time is 11.00 but in the morning.. But we drank like it was in the evening. Jamie ended up at the hospital…

And finally, what can we expect from Sister in 2017?
Hopefully summer festivals and more touring. We might start to work on a new EP. We´ll see!

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