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Bloodbath will be playing a club show in London on December 18 at the Electric Ballroom – tickets can be purchased from here. Ahead of the show, we caught up with bassist Jonas Renkse for a chat about what we can expect from the performance!

In about two months’ time, you will be playing a one-off London show. What can fans expect from the performance?
It will be full on death metal carnage! That’s what we do. It will be our first club show, as we have only played festivals before, so it will be a little bit special for sure. Hopefully intense!

This is going to be Nick’s first UK show with Bloodbath – will this show differ to past shows due to him playing to a ‘hometown’ audience?
I don’t think it will be that different to our other shows. More people will get his jokes though, I’m certain.

What are you most looking forward to about the show?
Having a soundcheck for once! And of course, London is a special place to play, so we will do everything in our power to make this one go down as a classic show.

Is there anything you’re perhaps not looking forward to?
Not really. Maybe the flight over to the UK…but anything about the show itself will be fun I reckon.

What will differ to this club show as opposed to one of your festival performances?
Hopefully it will be more intense as we get to play closer to the audience. I really like playing clubs – sometimes at open air festivals you’re too far away from the crowd and you can’t feed off their energy.

As the show is so close to Christmas, are there going to be any festivities taking place at the show?
I haven’t thought about that to be honest. Nick already has a beard so he will easily come across as Santa Claus or something. And the Christmas colour red will be represented… in the form of blood of course.

Aborted has now been added to the show’s lineup as well – what are you most looking forward to about playing a show with them?
It will be nice to see them, they are intense as well so we will have to step up our game. But it’s all in the name of death metal. A good fit on the bill for sure though.

Additionally, a competition has been launched for a UK band to join the lineup – how did that come about/what prompted that decision?
We thought it would be a good chance to let some more unknown talent come forth and be part of something bigger. Hopefully we can find the next Morbid Angel out there!

And finally what is in store in 2016 for Bloodbath?
We will play the 7000 Tonnes of Metal-cruise ship in February, but that’s all we have on the horizon at the moment. Bloodbath is always about finding the time to do something and I think 2016 will be pretty busy for all our other bands. But hopefully we will play some more gigs at least.

Thanks! See you in London.
Cheers, see ya there!

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