Interview with (the very fictional) Hexenlied


We spoke with the amazing (and fictional) keyboarder Reza of Hexenlied who was unafraid to impart his knowledge of the arcane arts to us.

The Venomous Passage is the title of your fourth album and it’s as majestic as it’s raw, can you explain more about the meaning(s) behind the album?

When we started writing this album we had no direction. Together we traveled the criminal expanse of idle minds until we could no longer bear to be in the company of our instruments. It was a perilous time to be around us, let alone associated with our music. We had only the foundation of music to rely on to build our newest opus. It was during this time as we were building the home to our riff babies that Bjorn, our drummer, wanted to do a drum solo on track 5. Now the rest of the band and I were strictly against it, as when we were tracking the guitars in our sheds we had only blast beats to comfort us. Freshly programmed blast beats fresh from our aging TR-707 that we bought from Sarcofago for a fresh taco and a box of very fresh donuts. Anyway, I digress. Yes so we got into a heated argument and the only thing Bjorn would say to us after it was: bah-doom tiss, oontz oontz. Oontz oontz is onomatopoeia for The Venomous Passage.

How did the band approach writing The Venomous Passage and what was the writing process like fours album in?

We put on our finest lederhosen and sung the songs of the great beer Gods while dancing to nineties Madonna, and it was very nice. Thanks.

How does that (writing) differ from the previous albums?

We now have the Bjorn Identity pretending to be the blast beat train conductor. In fact that’s happened ever since album number two, but what goes on the track stays on the track, which is why we don’t play live.

Is there a tour to follow, what does your live schedule look like?

Yes. You will find us playing acapella in your local Wetherspoons when the full moon is bright and under the cover of darkness a new IPA is born.

Christianity hasn’t always been successful in assimilating cultures into it’s collective. As it’s enslaved people, destroyed their homes and heritage some cultures adapted the litany of Christian figures to suit their survival needs. Voodoo for example. Is this also true for Satanism?

We have abandoned all semblance of religion and its inherited systems for our own economy of pints. If Bjorn wants that fucking drum solo he’d better get me toasty first. Back on point; as Christianity has relentlessly indoctrinated people into their pithy narrative so too have those clever enough to utilise their principles towards the antithesis of their errant interpretation of a book their culture never wrote. Christianity as it is today is a joke and as such so is their society of lost children. Orphaned from God? Not only are they the isolated true believers but they are without a doubt the only true blasphemers too.

Mental Health and the negative connotations applied to dark music, is Black Metal intentionally scary?

Are you deliberately dense? No, well, Black Metal is about as scary as watching a cat with a bell on in Pavlovs’ dog experiment. Wait, is that scary?

The Occult has a fascinating knowledge base, are there any philosophies you’ve came across recently that have struck you as profound?

Ten second rule in conjunction with seeing is believing. It’s like a race to sweet nectar, and also if you stand upon the cracks of a pavement you lose ten seconds of your life (it’s probably counting the cracks themselves if I’m to be honest but you can never tell with esoteric knowledge.)

As The Craft is billed for a sequel what do you think of the way Hollywood portrays the Occult and are there any films that have represented it faithfully?

Ask us again when The Black Wizzards have released a new Crowleymass single.

In short, no, but it’s all lights and magic anyway. Just a shame they keep trying to pull their cocks out of a hat. #NotMyEscape

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