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Newport’s The Lash describe themselves as a “45,000 RPM Rock and Soul Hurricane” and just one listen to newly released track and video ‘Rent’, that description is pretty spot on. They are a blend of raucous rock ‘n’ roll, soul, a touch of gospel and some pop sensibilities so we just had to feature them.

The band, formed by former 60ft Dolls drummer Carl Bevan, were recently included in the South Wales Echo’s 40 bands to watch in 2013 and this definitely looks set to be their year. We spoke to singer Erin and drummer and producer Carl, the rest of the band are Chris and Joe,  guitars and Kyle who plays bass, to fill us in on the rock ‘n’ roll monster that is The Lash.

Introduce yourselves?  
Carl: I am a bipedular carbon based lifeform known as Carl Bevan, I play drums , write songs and make things sound good in the studio.”
Erin: We are The Lash. We created bitch-nag-rock. A new genre for men or women with a penchant for being pussy-whipped by a nagging female screaming in their faces at a cosmic level.

Where did the band’s name come from?  
Carl: During a séance the late Freddie Mercury gave us a 14 tonne woolly mammoth called Balthazaar as a spirit guide. He told us to call the band THE LASH and lots of other things which are probably not publishable under the 1959 Obscene Publications Act.

How did you get started?  
Erin: Mutual friends, word of mouth and a shared love of dirty rock ‘n’ roll.

What have you got going on at the moment?  
Carl: We have a new tune with a video (which you can check out below) which was done with a budget of absolutely zero. The wormhole is open to the other dimension, resistance is futile. Relax you will make an excellent believer and it only hurts just a little bit when we first push it in you.

Favourite music and why?  
Carl: Trailblazers, originals, pioneers, virtuosos and risk-takers only. Vanity and fashion free.

Favourite book and why?  
Erin: Who Killed Christopher Robin – I went straight to Carnaby street and bought myself a Brian Jones coat after reading it. His story was so desperate towards the end… And he was mad as a March hare – I dig that.

Favourite film and why?  
Carl: Would you like me to recite This Is Spinal Tap for you word for word?

Best experience in the business?
Carl: Doing John Peel’s first ‘live on air in the studio’ session since Jimi Hendrix and playing Glastonbury 97 with 60ft Dolls.

Why should Soundscape readers care?
Erin: Because if you don’t care about music with soul and truth in it then you don’t care about music. So you shouldn’t be reading a music blog. If, on the other hand you do care – welcome to the party.

Tell our readers an interesting fact about your band?  
Carl: We have two blackbelt martial artists, a guitar sniffer, a “something about ERIN” and a son of a preacher man.

What’s the best and worst things about touring?
Carl: Best: Being able to escape the trouble you caused last night on a daily basis. Worst: Absolutely nothing, what a buzz… GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN!

Most embarrassing thing to happen to you while in the band?  
Erin: My dress splitting on stage during a gig. And falling into the drum kit after a few sherberts, again during a gig on stage.

What’s your writing and recording process?  
Erin: Voice recorders on our phones. Carl’s horrific starter lyrics such as ‘pull my knickers down’ when he gets an idea spurs me on to write proper lyrics that wouldn’t make my religious mother disown me. Then the magic stuff happens!
Carl: Rent was almost fully formed while I was pretending to be a boxer dog puppy with massive feet while walking across the car park of a Tampax dispenser factory where I was working (true story) and wondering what he might be humming to himself.

What inspires you?  
Carl: The chilling, blood curdling fear of not being able to make music.

Best thing about coming from Wales?  
Carl: This entire land resonates and throbs with a very fucking cool frequency. We are special people. Sing boyos, sing! God knows we got fuck all else to offer you.
Erin: Singing and music is in our Celtic blood. My English family still think we are about 10 years behind them when it comes to styles and fashion – it’s more because I don’t care about that stuff.

Who are your role models/idols?  
Carl: Pass… No! Luther Vandross? …no Martin Luther King ? …no sorry, I’m a model you know what I mean?

Hardest thing about the current business?  
Carl: Its not the 1990s anymore with clueless public schoolboys from London giving you free money to do your art and be a musician. The good thing is that this squeezes everybody harder which can produce more vital and diverse music as there is nobody around to tell you they ain’t going to pay you to do for it.

Favourite Batman actor?  
Carl: Adam West.
Erin: Samuel L Jackson?

You can download all the bands tracks for free right here – and they are playing Undertone, Cardiff on February 13th.

Picture Credit – Eleanor Jane

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