Interview with Skarlett Riot

I was introduced to Skarlett Riot with the phrase “Check this band out, you’ll love ’em”, and do you know what, they were right. I reviewed the bands ‘Villian’ EP here – Skarlett Riot ‘Villain’ EP review and it still gets regular play on my ipod now, and you can check out the video for lead track ‘Villain’ below.

The band played Download festival this year and have been all over Scuzz and Kerrang!, and quite rightly so, these guys are definitely going places. They have just finished the successful ‘God Damn Reckless’ UK tour so I took the opportunity to catch up with them.

Please introduce yourself to our readers?  
We are Skarlett Riot! A 4 piece female fronted hard rock band originating from North Lincolnshire who combine catchy hooks with ballsy melody.

Where did the bands name come from? 
We wanted to have the female stamp on the band so Skarlett chose Skarlett to represent her. The Riot represents the 3 guys in the band.

How did you get started?
We started off in a different band at school, nothing serious and started jamming out some covers. 2 years ago we decided to form a new band with the same members and write our own music which is where Skarlett Riot came from. We are one tight family!

What have you got going on at the moment?
At the moment everything’s hectic, we are writing as much new music as possible to release in the new year!.. Keep your eyes on our facebook page for updates on that.

Favourite music and why?
We all have so many different tastes in music ranging from Guns N Roses, Thin Lizzy to Asking Alexandria, and John Mayer! We’ve grown up with different musical backgrounds.

Favourite film and why?
Rock Of Ages! Cheesy, but inspiring too!

Best experience in the business?
Definitely Download festival this year, playing that was like a dream come true!

Why should Soundscape readers care?
We are an up and coming unsigned band who write music from their hearts, we want to share it with you! If you like in your face hard rock music and don’t follow the scene, check us out!

Tell our readers an interesting fact about the band? 
We want to release a Chicken Tikka perfume when we are famous….

What’s the best and worst things about touring?  
Best will be playing all the time, doing what you love constantly, the worst must be keeping physically in shape!

Most embarrassing thing to happen to you while in the band?
Skarlett – My top came down on stage once, rather embarrassing, our drummer got an eye full when I turned around in shock to pull it back up haha.
Tom (Bass) – Threw his bass in the air to catch it and missed, snapping the bass in half.
Danny (Guitar) – When recording a music video, he fell over the drum riser, knocked his Blackstar head and cab over, breaking all the cables off the back..
Luke (Drums) – rolled his toilet roll under someone else’s tent at Download festival thinking it was ours.. he didn’t dare ask for it back (pussy!)

What’s your writing and recording process? 
We normally go away for a week to record, and have the songs already written and re written! The drums and bass go down first for all tracks in 2 days and then guitar and then vocals go after. It works great for us!

What inspires Skarlett Riot?  
Life, every experience inspires me to write. New and original bands who don’t follow the scene also give me inspiration to write.

Who are the bands role models or idols?
We all have many different role models. Mine (Skarlett) is – Joan Jett, Halestorm – Lzzy Hale, Amy Lee – Evanescence, Orianthi, Alterbridge, Shinedown (Brent Smith).

Hardest thing about the current business?
Getting people to listen and hear you out when they haven’t heard of you.

Favourite Batman actor?
Heath Ledger – The Joker, legend.

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