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I’ve just been introduced to Manhattan Coast, a 5 piece alt rock band from South Wales. The band list their influences as Deaf Havana and Thrice, 2 of my favourite bands, so I thought I’d like them, and on the strength of new single and video ‘Never Tell Me The Odds’ they are pretty great. The band, consisting of Nick Lane – Vocals, Geraint Rees – Guitar, Lloyd Williams – Guitar, Simon Butcher – Drums, Adam Jones – Bass & Backing Vocals, mix soaring, passionate vocals, huge guitar riffs and hard hitting rhythms to great effect in their catchy, anthem-like songs. We caught up with the band to talk about the  release of the aforementioned single.

How did Manhattan Coast come about?

A few of the members were previously in a band together, and once we started writing new material we figured we were taking a different musical direction. We decided to change the name of the band and start all over again.

What have you got going on at the moment?

We recently recorded two new tracks at SQWAD. One is a cover of ‘Dedication To My Ex’ which can be heard on our youtube channel. The other is our brand new single ‘Never Tell Me The Odds’ where the video can also be found on our youtube channel. The single will be released with 3 other tracks from May 14th on itunes, spotify etc. We played our free single launch show at Le Pub, Newport on May 18th. Now we’re then heading back into the studio in June to record our first EP, due for release in July/August

Favourite music and why? 

We all listen to different styles of music, which helps with the writing process in our band.

Favourite book and why?

Our singer Nick loves his Harry Potter

Favourite film and why?

Indiana Jones and Star Wars films are ace! Nick has had a man-crush on Harrison Ford since he was young and used to dress up in his mothers shoulder purse, boots, leather jacket and belt pretending he was the worlds most famous archaeologist!

Best experience in the business?

Best experience would be playing shows with other local bands that you love to listen to such as Straight Lines, The Guns, Caesars Rome etc. We’ve been lucky enough to play incredible shows with these and other bands around South Wales, and hopefully that will continue.

Why should Soundscape readers care?

Soundscape readers should care since we write honest music that is appealing to us, and hopefully that will appeal to your readers. All we can ask for is for people to check us out, and if they like what they hear then its always a bonus.

Tell our readers an interesting fact about the band?

Our drummer Simon eats Chinese take-away at least twice a week!

Whats the best thing about coming from Wales?

Being part of a scene with some incredible and diverse bands, which will hopefully see these new bands take on the world such as Funeral for a Friend, Lostprophets etc did back in the day.

Who are your role models or idols?

Since our school days, we started listening to bands such as Glassjaw, Finch and Funeral for a Friend. Most recently we’ve been listening to new albums from Letlive to Deaf Havana. Listening to these bands inspires us to write songs with substance and grit. We’re also not ashamed to admit that we all love a bit of pop music

What, in your opinion, is the hardest thing about the current business?

The hardest thing is standing out from the crowd. There are plenty of bands in South Wales alone who all provide something different musically. We’re happy being part of the scene and playing shows with what South Wales has to offer, and hopefully it will give us some exposure to people who haven’t heard of us before.


Head over to the bands Facebook here –, where you will find all the links you need and check out the bands video for new single ‘Never Tell Me Odds’, which is available, along with 3 other tracks on iTunes. Check them out.

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