Interview With Inheaven


London based quartet, Inheaven, comprised of bassist and vocalist Chloe, guitarist and vocalist James, guitarist Jake and drummer Joe, have been making quite a name for themselves recently. Coming towards the end of their headline UK tour with Freak, I caught up with the band in Derby to have a chat about the tour and the upcoming festival season.

They start off by telling me about how the band formed. “Me and Chloe made videos and put them online. We put a video up every week and they started getting picked up by blogs,” James explains. “That then led to an email from Cult Records in America who put out our first record. From then on it spiraled.”

“It’s all blossomed into something else,” Chloe adds, smiling at the others in the band.

“Then we met Jake who was living nearby and met Joe further down the line when Colin from Circa Waves introduced us to him,” James carries on.

Growing up all four had a passion for music. “I’ve been playing guitar since I was 15,” says James.

“I’ve been trying since I was about that age,” jokes Chloe.

Joe explains that he was 4 when he started drumming. “Joe was born with drumsticks in his hands,” adds James with a laugh.

Inheaven had played nine shows of the tour when I caught up with them. Chloe talks about how she loves when gigs are better than expected. “York was crazy. You think because you’ve never been somewhere that no one will show up and then there’s a room full of people having a great time.”

The band show no signs of slowing down – they head out on a UK and Europe tour with Circa Waves in March and April. This will be their first time touring with the boys from Circa Waves, having done spot shows with them in the past. Joe talks about his friendship with Colin, the drummer from Circa Waves. “I grew up with Colin, we’re from the same town so we’re good friends with those guys.”

“It was nice when they asked us to go on tour with them,” Chloe says with a smile.

While talking about all the travel that comes with touring the band explain that it doesn’t bother them. “We’ve had two days off this week and went home and was like oh god I want to go back!” starts Chloe.

“We love it,” adds Joe. “We much prefer it to staying put.”

A comment about the new Ryan Adams album, which the band say they’ve been listening to a lot on the road, moved the conversation onto talk of their own debut album. “We’ve got loads and loads of songs with an album ready to go,” Joe starts. “We’re hopefully looking at after festival season for releasing our album.”

The festival season looks to be an exciting time for the band with Reading and Leeds, Wychwood and Truck Festival already having added Inheaven to their lineups as well as them returning to Derby in April for 2Q Festival!

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