Interview with Calling All Astronauts

Calling All AstronautsWe caught up with Calling All Astronaut’s David to fill us in on what’s happening in Camp CAA.

Introduce yourself/yourselves and tell us about Calling All Astronauts.
We are David, Paul and J, collectively known as Calling All Astronauts, David is the vocalist and programmer, Paul the bassist and J on guitars.

For want of a better description we call ourselves and Electro-Goth-Punk band, though in reality we are a lot more than that, I think we just find it hard to pigeonhole ourselves.

How would you describe yourselves?
Friendly, affable, polite and devilishly handsome hahahahaha.

Do you have a mission statement?
Just to make the best records we can, to stay true to what brought us together, and to never been seen as “sell outs.”

What can you tell us about your latest single?
Divisive is about the war for oil, and how the greedy manipulate people in their pursuit of money and power.

The video is awesome but what’s so good about dancing?
Wow it’s taken me a while to do this interview, I’m sorry about that, things have been really hectic here, we are putting loads of singles out right now, the dancing one was actually Life As We Know It! To be honest, we just thought the dancing images looked good with the music.

The CAA Twitter is very candid about celebrity culture and politics but what are some of the bands’ nerdier interests?
J collects Kiss memorabilia and guitars, David collects vinyl records and Paul can tell you anything you want to know about plants.

It’s now much easier to engage with your audience outside of the show – has this changed the way you approach writing lyrics?
If I’m honest, I don’t really think about what others will think of my lyrics when I’m writing them, I’m just on my soapbox, ranting about what pisses me off.

What’s your take on the music industry of the digital age?
Streaming is killing music, a band needs over 20,000 streams just to pay for the mastering of one track, never mind the studio time and hours writing.

You’re in the pub, what do you order from the bartender?
The last time I was in a pub was Sunday for a pub quiz and I actually ordered a café latte.

What irks you about politicians the most?
Hidden agendas and lack of honesty.

Is there anything to love about the over simplified pop music format?
The fact that the artists are so disposable, we never have to suffer them for long.

Snog, Marry; Throw into a mosh-pit: Theresa May. Beyonce. Calvin Harris.
I’d throw them all in the mosh pit, not a fan of any of them.

What can we expect in 2017 from Camp CAA?
We are releasing a single every 2 months and recording a new album, we’ve also recorded a cool cover that will probably surface some time this year as well.

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