Interview With Holding Absence

The world of music in 2017 has become more politically fuelled with each passing policy. From President Trump’s inauguration to the British battle of June’s general election, the potential for material could electrify the audience like a faulty amplifier. There is one flourishing act however, that insist that their political principles and gut-wrenchingly zealous tracks have nothing in common.

Catching up with Holding Absence’s Lucas Woodland (Lead Singer), Feisal el-khazragi (Guitarist) and James Joseph (Bass guitar) after their performance at Donnington’s Download festival, the mere mention of politics seemed to not only stir their interest but also develop a hesitant step as it does for most artists, knowing that their answer could possibly steer opinionated fans in the opposite direction.

Lucas stated that “This is a big topic with the band that we want to make clear. The vast majority of us are vegan for example, but try to avoid being preachy about our diets. In the same way, some of us are very politically oppinionated with our beliefs but we can tell you now that Holding Absence is NOT a political band”.

The members made it very clear that although they have their own personal outlooks on the current government and the parties constantly attempting to rid one of the other, they want to confirm to their fan-base that this will not be a subject that will be explored in the Cardiff-based project. Nevertheless, during the interview it was extremely noticeable that the three musicians were steering between mines that they had laid themselves, busting to speak out and share what they believe. Feisal passionately commented that “we keep everything on a musical note as an escape but we didn’t get much sleep last night watching the election results open up and I am still trying to get my head around the fact that someone could vote, knowing that the NHS could possibly be dismantled depending on who you voted for”.

After a lengthy chat on the subject, it was made ultimately apparent that the Ethereal rock up-and-comers are purely driven by their passion for their practice and not the race for Number ten. “We want to emphasise that our music is for the heart, not the head”, Lucas continued, “and politics is most certainly for the head.”

Also unavoidably chatting about their performance at the festival, they made sure to emphasise exactly how grateful they were to be given such an amazing opportunity and how it could not have gone any better. James stepping in to cover the question declared that “We’ve all been doing our own musical projects for about eight years now but it’s so sick to see such a Welsh presence at Download this year”. Lucas was also quick to comment, remarking “we’ve been raring up for this moment for a very long time. It was surreal when we arrived and we’re sad that it’s over but the turnout was great, even though we haven’t been a band too long. When I was growing up, it was the typical fairy tale obsession of “one band, famous forever” but making the music is the only real reward for so many. It was fantastic to put everything we have learnt together however to reach and achieve a real goal of ours.”

Holding Absence recently released their latest video for their latest single, Penance. The song is available for download here.

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